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Our Courses

Here's a list of our current course offering.

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  After Effects Adv
  After Effects Intermediate
  After Effects Intro
  AI for Coding and Programming
  AI Tools for Video Editors
  Animate Intro
  Audition Intro
  Blender Intro
  Captivate Intro
  ChatGPT Intro
  Cinema 4D Intermediate
  Cinema 4D Intro
  CLO 3D Intro
  Conflict Resolution
  Content Marketing
  Copywriting For SEO
  Creating Social Media Graphics
  Creative Writing For Business
  Customer Service
  Design with Canva
  Digital Video Camera Techniques
  Figma Basics
  Figma Intermediate
  Filming and Editing Interviews
  Filming With A Smartphone
  Final Cut Pro X Intro
  Good Communication
  Good Grammar and Punctuation
  Google Ads Adv
  Google Ads Intro
  Google Analytics GA4 Intro
  Google Tag Manager
  Graphic Design Intro
  How to Write Effectively
  HTML and CSS Adv
  HTML and CSS Intro
  Illustrator Adv
  Illustrator Intermediate
  Illustrator Intro
  Improve your CV and LinkedIn Profile
  InDesign Adv
  InDesign Interactive
  InDesign Intermediate
  InDesign Intro
  Infographics Intro
  Infographics Using Illustrator
  JavaScript Intro
  Journalism Intro
  Leadership Intro
  Learn To Interview
  Mailchimp Intro
  Management Intro
  Managing Projects Remotely
  Managing Teams Remotely
  Media Interviews for TV and Radio
  Meeting Room Hire
  Microsoft Excel Adv
  Microsoft Excel Intermediate
  Microsoft Excel Intro
  Microsoft Excel VBA
  Microsoft Powerpoint Adv
  Microsoft Powerpoint Intro
  Microsoft Word Adv
  Midjourney Intro
  Minute Taking
  Photoshop Adv
  Photoshop Intermediate
  Photoshop Intro
  PHP Intro
  Podcasting Intro
  Power BI Business Analytics
  Powerpoint Presentation Design
  Premiere Colour Grading
  Premiere Adv
  Premiere Intermediate
  Premiere Intro
  Professional Photography
  Professional Telephone Skills
  Proofreading Intro
  Public Speaking
  Python Intro
  Report Writing
  Sales Intro
  SEO Adv
  SEO Intro
  Shooting Video with a DSLR
  SketchUp Intro
  Social Media Marketing Adv
  Social Media Marketing Intro
  SQL Intro
  Stress Management
  Structuring Your Remote Working Day
  Sub-Editing Intro
  Succeed at Job Interviews
  Team Working
  TikTok for Business
  Time Management
  UX Design Intro
  Video Editing for Social Media
  Video Production and Editing
  WordPress Basics
  Writing for the Web Adv
  Writing for the Web Intro
  Writing Internal Publications
  Writing Press Releases
  XD Intro
Face To Face training course

Face To Face

Face To Face Courses

Learn with an industry expert in our amazing training centre at London Bridge, overlooking the River Thames.

Classroom training course

Live Online

Live Online Courses

Join from anywhere in the world, via our virtual classrooms. Learn in real time with expert trainers in small classes.

"Really good at engaging us throughout and showing the purpose behind why, how and when it is important to apply certain skills"
Waste Mission
21st June - Public Speaking

Latest Reviews

"Specific examples and visual aides and anecdotes"
AJ Bell
  • 21st June

"Tailoring the course to every individuals needs"
  • 21st June

"I've been lucky enough to have Rosie teach two courses at Media Training, which have both been wonderful. Cannot be improved, thank you Rosie!"
Queen Mary University Of London
  • 21st June