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UX Design : Introduction

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Two Day Course


Our UX Design course provides training on the complete process that is carried out in order for a website or application to give users a functional and meaningful user experience.

This practical, two-day course will give you the skills and experience to create thoughtfully crafted, easy-to-use, attractive websites that encourage users to come back again and again.

This course is best suited for:
• Print designers looking to learn the differences between print and digital design and want to transfer their skills to a digital platform
• Those getting involved in a UX Design project/team and want to fully understand the entire process
• Those looking to take their first steps in a UX Design job role
• Those who want to add UX Design to their skill set

For those looking to take their UX Design skills to a more advanced level, we recommend our HTML & CSS Intro course as the ideal next step.

What are the five things you will get out of this course:
• How to benchmark your design decisions
• Creating sitemaps and wireframing with Adobe XD (Experience Design)
• Card sorting techniques
• Prototyping using Adobe XD/Invision
• Inclusive design techniques and accessibility principles

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day One

    Understanding Usability
    • An introduction - what is user centric design?
    • Research techniques - how to do effective user interviews?
    • What are the needs and goals of your users?
    • Defining personas for your users
    • Creating user journeys

    What makes a good User Experience and why?
    • Understand how people use and think about a website/app/software
    • Why and how to benchmark your design decisions

    Sitemaps/Organisational Structures
    • What are sitemaps?
    • Why are they important?
    • What can they be used for?
    • How to create sitemaps using Adobe XD

    Card sorting techniques
    • What is card sorting?
    • Identify trends and potential content categories for your website/app
    • Design menu structure and website navigation paths from results

    • What is wireframing?
    • The importance of hierarchy
    • What are modules?
    • How to illustrate interactions using Adobe XD
    • How to create and annotate wireframes using Adobe XD
    • Tips to speed up your workflow

    Prototyping using Adobe XD and Invision
    • What is prototyping and why do we do it?
    • Sketches, wireframes, mockups
    • The difference between Medium and High Fidelity Prototypes
    • Interactivity
  • Day Two

    UI Design
    • The difference between UX and UI design
    • How they work together

    Inclusive design techniques and accessibility principles
    • Points of exclusion
    • Situational challenges
    • Personal biases
    • Different ways to engage
    • Equivalent experiences
    • Extend the solution to everyone

    Responsive Design
    • How does responsive design work?
    • What does Mobile First mean and when is it useful?
    • How to wire frame for different devices
    • How interactive modules might need to adapt for different devices

    Different ways of testing your design
    • How to conduct a User Test on your site
    • How to use A/B Testing to get insights into visitor behaviour
    • Understanding Multivariate Testing and how to use it

    Best Practice
    • Introducing new layouts vs learned behaviour
    • How creative interactions enhance the user experience

    Discussions and practical experience of "real world" design briefs will be carried out throughout the entire course.

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"Every trainer i've had has been so knowledgeable and approachable. Learnt a lot. Thank you :) "

"Teacher was again very knowledgeable and friendly. The food is one of the best in town. I love the small groups and the possibility to reach out/access the materials and teachers after the course. "

"Flexible approach. Relevant subject-matter. Competitive pricing. Welcome and general feeling."

"Very friendly, nice atmosphere, lovely lunch"

"Simple clear instructions, at a pace we could all manage, in depth knowledge"

"Very knowledgeable trainer and some good examples. Being able to ask questions targeted to our job role was very helpful and the trainer was able to provide good individual support due to the small class size"

"The course was well structured and there was time to go over ideas, all good. "

"Knowledge, real life examples, good facilities"

"Richard was such a great trainer - approachable and didn't try and interfere too much. Very knowledgable without trying to show off his own skills all the time, which was great teaching. "

"Rich was very personable and knowledgable which made for a great two days training. The course structure was great and it felt very organised. I particularly like the way Rich recommends useful applications and tries to relate the course to you personally. "

"The delivery was excellent"

"Tailoring the course to suit individual learner needs"

"Kirsty Was fantastic, very very helpful would recommend :)"

"Great atmosphere to learn in and small class sizes so you get all the perks that 1 on 1 training would give you but also get to work as a small team and learn things from one another. "

"Food and environment were great. Friendly staff - very accommodating. The trainer had great knowledge and enthusiasm for his work/subject matter. "

"I really appreciated the place, the people and the atmosphere of this place. I think I'll follow another training course here in the future."

"Love these courses. Have recommended to friends."

"Really enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable trainer who was happy to answer loads of questions and help with real-world examples. "

"giving such a broad width of information within such a small window of two days. Really enjoyed it. Thanks"

"Great atmosphere."

"I feel the 2 days were affective in terms of us learning about UX design in general, the exercise of creating our own app and having the user testing was a great experience, the entire process was a real eye-opener, it really showed me how such a simple process requires such detailed thought when i comes to UX."

"Friendly, approachable, knowledgable... well fed and watered!"

"Very pleasant staff and environment"

"Great learning environment and very patient instructor"

"A day full of information, Ana was fantastic and she obviously is very knowledgeable. I feel that I know much more about UX now, with skills that I can implement in my work. "

"I'm happy with the course. Staff always very pleasant. Good location and nice food too."

"The small size of the groups are really good "

"Ana Marie is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. "

"people here are great and friendly. I like the environment "

"I liked how Ana-Maria got us to work on practical tasks as a group, so we could discuss it together."

"Amazing office, and great environment to learn"

"Pretty much everything :) "


"Lots of hands-on exercises and chance to play around with the software"

"very kind staff members and organised time breaks. "