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HTML and CSS Intro | Training Course

Gain basic HTML coding skills to build a modern, attractive website.
Learn to insert images, videos, tables, forms and design like a pro using CSS.


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London Bridge £399 + VAT save £100
London Bridge £429 + VAT save £70
Online £379 + VAT save £120
London Bridge £499 + VAT
Online £499 + VAT

HTML and CSS Intro | Training Course

Course Takeaways
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Course Takeaways

What will I learn?

  • Introduction to coding
  • Using structural elements
  • Using CSS
  • Tables and forms
  • Embedding Images and videos
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free post-course helpdesk support
Course Takeaways
Learner Reviews

How good is the course?

  • Average Score 4.9 out of 5
  • Delicious lunch provided
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 510 reviews

Day one


• The role of HTML

• The role of CSS

• Web standards and mandatory elements

• Understanding a robust HTML5 template

• The purpose of the head element

• Understanding Meta Data

• About element attributes

Beginning to Code

• Overview of a HTML editor

• Making code easy to read - best practice

• Working with the title tag

• Write your first body content and test

• Adding headings and sub headings

• Overview of structural elements

• Adding structure to the page

• Working with paragraphs

• Using local formatting for bold, italic and underline

• Adding line breaks and rules

• Using special characters

• Adding comments

Images & Video

• Overview of supported image file types

• About image optimisation

• Embedding images

• Image Accessibility

• About Video file formats

• Streaming HTML5 video

• Providing video fallback content

HTML Lists

• Using the Definition List for terms and descriptions

• Grouping related key-points with Unordered Lists

• Structuring hierarchical points with Ordered Lists

• Ordered list bullet options

• Nesting Lists


• Linking pages together

• Linking to external websites

• Creating links within a page

• Creating Image links

Questions and answers

Day two

Data Tables

• Overview of data tables

• Inserting a table

• Adding a caption

• Structuring rows

• Adding table headers and table data

• Merging columns

Front End Forms

• Overview of how data is sent to the server

• Embedding a form

• Providing fields for user input

• Inserting radio buttons and checkboxes

• Creating select list menus

• Adding reset and submit buttons

• Understanding form action and method attributes

• Emulating form processing by sending to a static page

• Using inbuilt form validations

Overview of CSS

• What is the Cascade?

• What can CSS do?

• Where to put the CSS code

• Separating content from design

• Syntax and structure

Applied CSS

• Working with External CSS

• Understanding the Element selector

• Working with fonts

• Understanding hexadecimal colour theory

• Styling text colours with hexadecimal and colour names

• Using text alignment

• Styling paragraphs

• Styling headings

• Styling hyperlinks

• Understanding the Class selector

• Creating and applying Class styles

• Using the span element

• When to use the ID attribute

• Creating and applying ID styles

Questions and answers

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"I was very lucky to have one-on-one teaching with Iwan on this course. I found the whole course very valuable."
Electoral Reform Society
26th February - HTML and CSS : Introduction

Latest Reviews

"Really well paced. Liked that it was a small group size so there was time to ask questions and get individual help. Worked well following instructor entering code on the screens."
  • 12th February

"Really good at explaining in a good and understandable speed and helping to understand tips and techniques too. Iwan was extremely helpful at explaining break downs of the course areas too."
Phillippa Noble
  • 12th February

"Good pace and class size was good for individual help"
  • 12th February