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Many of us enjoy the creative possibilities of writing. All too often, however, the writing we have to do in our work - from marketing material, corporate newsletters, sales information or web copy - can come across dull, lifeless and far from creative.

This training course offers practical exercises and advice from industry experts, along with tips and techniques to develop confidence in your powers of self-expression. This writing course will also enable you to harness the creativity in your line of work.

Bring along some examples of your own work - and a sense of fun on this One Day creative writing course.You need no previous creative writing experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Self-expression
    • A series of exercises to awaken your creative writing potential
    • Examples of effective creative writing
    • How you can reflect your personality - and the personality of your organisation - through words
    • How different words project different personalities
    • Generating ideas
    • Brainstorming techniques

    Restriction means freedom
    • Why working within tight limitations can widen your horizons

    Keeping it concise
    • The art of cutting words to expand your message
    • How to spot unnecessary words, sub-clauses, sentences and paragraphs
    • How to tighten a message so that every word really counts

    Coping with deadlines
    • How to be creative against the clock
  • Overcoming writers's block
    • Techniques for breaking the log jam when ideas and words don't come easily

    Seeking attention
    • Creative headlines and intros to grab your readers' attention

    Writing for an audience
    • Knowing who your audience is and how to tailor your message in ways which mean you connect directly with them

    Formats and structures
    • Order your words to maximise their effect
    • The lessons of journalism and the structures news and features writers use
    • How to pick a structure that suits your message - and your audience

    Practical creative writing exercises

    Questions and answers
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"Lovely place, great trainer, fab buffet."

"Really good exercise to get you thinking creatively! Thanks!"

"Fast constructive feedback"

"Clear examples and interesting points and plenty of breaks "

"I really liked the course and found it very relevant to my job, I found the examples extremely helpful and Patsy was very good at answering questions throughout the course."

"Professional, lively and good exercises, very good course! Thank you."

"Really good teacher, loads of good examples. Particularly enjoyed the creative exercise at the end."

"Communication - Friendly, was a very good lesson - learnt a lot!"

"Friendly and informative "

"It's a great learning environment. Alice was very knowledgeable and engaging. The structure also meant we thought outside of our usual corporate thinking! "

"Great course, great trainer, great lunch! "

"Piers is a great teacher and a lovely guy."

"Explaining simply in a creative environment with great facilities"

"Great advice. "

"great trainer who was clearly knowledgeable and personable "

"The instructor was very friendly and informative. We got a lot of good feedback off of him. The front of house staff were great too and really helpful"

"Really informative course. Well taught. Good facilities and food/drink. "

"Everything - lunch was Fab as always!"

"Making everyone feel comfortable, creative activities that really made you think"

"A really engaging trainer, Patsy was knowledgeable, convincing, approachable as gave me confidence to use what I had learnt. Food was also lovely!"

"Range of activities that were interesting/fun but practical in the time constraints, really good feedback, interesting course content . "

"Practical exercises."

"I found the venue easy to fine, the facilities were excellent and the training content very useful with a good balance of content and exercises (no death by PowerPoint!)"

"They whole day was enjoyable - especially thanks to our trainer Patsy. She made us all feel comfortable and welcome from the start, which helped get our ideas flowing. The group size was great for creative writing (six of us), as there were enough people to share ideas, but not too many that not everyone got to say something. "

"The teacher was very friendly and encouraging. Lunch was nice. "

"Highlighting the problems. It will take a lot of effort to work on them"

"Great practical examples which help you really think outside the box. Patsy really knew her stuff."

"getting across the course information and not leaving any room for being bored and getting distracted "

"Very detailed and knowledgeable"

"Everything was very well organised and information was clearly presented. Our trainer was lovely and she presented us with great examples we could use for our business."

"Lovely environment, warm and welcoming."

"I thought the course was really insightful and the trainer was very approachable"

"Adapting to all the different skills and backgrounds of the individuals in the room and making it relevant to all. Highly enjoyable and beneficial to all. "

"approachable friendly "

"Loved the use of examples and breaking it down makes each segment seem relatable. "