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Shooting Video with a DSLR

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Two Day Course

Classroom Based


The course is designed for photographers (wedding photographers, photojournalists, event photographers or enthusiastic amateurs) who have some existing photography skills but who are inexperienced in using their camera to creating a video.

We will cover camera settings, equipment, lighting, shot composition and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Please bring along your camera with you on the day if you have one.

This is an introductory level course so you need no previous experience of camera techniques or video production to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day One

    • Basic technical theory about video definition, frame rates and bit-rates
    • Advice on what equipment you might need to purchase
    • Building a pre-shoot checklist

    Using the manual camera settings
    • Setting up video mode and video settings
    • Setting up your cameras picture style
    • Getting correct shot exposure
    • Balancing aperture and ISO for best results
    • Setting the shutter speed for video
    • Setting a custom white-balance

    Shot composition and framing a subject
    • Correct shot composition for an interview
    • Best use of available space and backgrounds
    • Wide, medium and close-ups

    Lighting techniques
    • Three-point lighting
    • Using a simple key-light
    • Using a reflector as a fill
    • Using natural lighting

    Working with sound
    • Different types of microphone and which ones you need
    • Positioning your mic correctly
    • Getting good sound levels in your camera
    • Reducing ambient noise

    Shooting an interview
    • Framing basics
    • Basic interview techniques
    • Off-camera and to-camera interviews
    • How to shoot for easier editing

    Questions & answers
  • Day Two

    • The video editing workflow with Premiere Pro
    • Understanding projects, sequences and clips.

    Importing and organising your footage
    • Copying files from your memory cards
    • Importing single and multiple files and folders
    • Using bins and renaming clips

    Basic Editing Skills
    • Creating a new sequence using the DSLR sequence presets
    • Previewing your clips in the Source Panel
    • Playback and marking shortcuts
    • Three-point and drag-and-drop editing

    Editing in the Timeline
    • Rearranging and re-timing clips in the timeline
    • Copying and pasting clips

    Working with audio
    • Mixing audio and changing volume over time
    • Cleaning bad audio with the Equalizer

    Text and Titles with the Graphics Panel
    • Adding text and shapes to create a basic Lower Third
    • Working with logos and layers in the edit panel
    • Saving your designs as templates to save time

    Colour Correction
    • Fixing common problems with the footage
    • Adding creative colour treatments

    Resizing images and video
    • Basic Motion Controls
    • Working with logos and photographs

    Exporting your project
    • Making life simple with Presets
    • Web exports for YouTube, Facebook and more
    • Exporting for PC and MAC playback

    Questions & answers
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"Good course "

"friendly environment, relaxed atmosphere, great healthy lunch"

"Very knowledgeable trainer, and very approachable- no such things as a stupid question! "

"Sarah was fab at explaining everything for a complete beginner - I now feel confident and am proud of the work I have achieved. Will be coming back for more courses!"

"Everything was explained really clearly and thoroughly with enough time to try ourselves and run through activities again step by step if we needed to"

"Providing kit and examples. Trainer was excellent."

"We covered a lot in terms of video editing in premier pro - I feel like I will leave the course with many new skills that I can use in my day job."

"Good examples - well maintained equipment - trainer knew his stuff and was helpful with specific questions and issues. "

"The time at the training centre was relaxed; a great environment for learning and getting creative. The trainer was really knowledgeable and used examples that were easy to understand. Good agenda for the day with plenty of breaks and lots of refreshments. I liked the 'help yourself' style of the lunches too."

"Rob was really knowledgeable, helpful and informative. He took his time to answer any questions form anyone in the class and explained them so everyone fully understood. The course centre has a lovely, homely atmosphere and the facilities are fab - much better than any other training course I have ever been on. I would definitely recommend and love to come back to do another course here :) "

"Meet and greet food and good instruction"

"The whole course over 2 days was really great! Whilst some of it was re-cap of existing knowledge there were some really great tips / tricks and shortcuts that made attendance really worthwhile! Thanks Rob! :)"

"Rob was really knowledgeable and explained everything in a clear, engaging way. I'm leaving here excited to make my first video and confident that I know how to use my DLSR and editing software. Thanks for a great course!"

"Really engaging and thorough when talking through each step making each area really easy to understand"

"Very friendly and helpful."

"Our Tutor Rob was very good and very helpful"

"honestly everything - so pleased with how well this course and facility are. will definitely recommend! "

"Loved the table allocation for each group. It made socialising amongst our group very easy."

"Good balance of theory/practice"

"Great presenter, really helpful and insightful. All members of staff were really friendly. "

"Providing advice and tips as we went along"

"Great course with small numbers to make sure we all got the most out of it (despite different experience levels), trainer was very knowledgeable and approachable. Great value for money and effective use of 2 days - I'm leaving feeling much more confident!"

"Everything, food was great, tutor excellent"

"Very organized "

"Great expertise and knowledge of content. Tutor was very helpful, friendly and enthusiastic. Great food too!"

"Jason was very patient and created a very relaxed environment. Nice workspace too!"

"Pretty much everything, so that I will be looking at doing another course here, even though I have to fly in to do so!"

"Clarity - mix of theory and practice. Great venue and staff as well."

"Environment and knowledge of trainer"

"Course, teacher and facility is good. "

"Knowledgable trainer. Great atmosphere. Really enjoyed being in a small group so that the course could be tailored to our needs/questions. Really surprised by how little I've been making use of the tools in Premiere Pro - really informative and surprised by how much I got out of one day's worth of training! Fab course!"

"I think I was lucky to get a one on one course. Sarah tailor made it on the fly - brilliant"

"Very clear training, felt like I got a lot out of the course I can use in my job"

"Everything! The day structure and course structure were great for learning in a friendly and sociable environment."

"As above, I am very pleased with all aspects. More specifically, the course seemed to cover everything I was looking for, although the proof of that will be when I apply the learning"