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Adobe Premiere CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course


Our Premiere training course is perfect for those looking to take their first steps into video editing. It is designed to give you the confidence to create professional videos using the powerful and flexible editing capabilities of Adobe Premiere CC.

Whether you need to edit videos for TV or the web, it’s important to remember, video content is king. It increases engagement, brand awareness and can improve your traffic, leads and sales. This Premiere course will give you the skills to bring your video ideas to life.

Ideal for new videographers, content creators, digital marketers, designers and more. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

What are the five things you will get out of this course?
• Learn to edit engaging and creative videos
• Work with images, video and audio
• Clean up bad sound recordings
• Learn powerful colour corrections
• Export videos for offline, online and social channels

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day One

    • Understanding video files: Resolution, frame rate and aspect ratio
    • The video editing workflow
    • Premiere Projects and how they link to media.

    The Premiere Interface
    • Using workspaces in Adobe Premiere
    • The Source, Program, Project and Sequence panels
    • Watch a quick edit from beginning to end
    • The Tools Panel and the audio meters

    Importing and organising your footage
    • Importing single and multiple files and folders
    • Renaming and colour coding your media
    • Sorting files according to your criteria
    • Using the Assembly Workspace
    • Creating subclips

    Basic Editing Skills
    • Creating a new sequence using your clips settings
    • Setting up a sequence for social video platforms
    • Previewing your clips in the Source Panel
    • Three-point and drag-and-drop editing
    • Cutting mistakes out of an interview
    • Viewing a waveform and editing audio

    Editing in the Timeline
    • Rearranging clips in the timeline
    • Copying and pasting clips
    • Cutting your edit to a specific time
    • Timing your edits to music
    • Using the razor blade
    • Using markers to time your edits

    Questions and answers
  • Day Two

    Working with audio
    • Setting correct audio levels
    • Mixing audio and changing volume over time
    • Using the Audio workspace
    • Using the Repair and Clarity sections to improve bad audio

    Refining your project with effects
    • Adding transitions
    • Stabilizing shaky footage
    • Blurring video using Gaussian Blur

    Adding Graphics (Titles)
    • Making lower thirds and subtitles
    • Adding logos and images to your designs
    • Saving graphics as templates to save time

    Colour Correction
    • Fixing colour balance problems
    • Editing the exposure and contrast
    • Adding creative colour looks

    Resizing and animating images and video
    • Basic Motion Controls
    • Using keyframes to animate zooms and pans
    • Working with logos and photographs

    Exporting your project
    • MSimple exports with Presets
    • Web exports for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    • Exporting for PC and MAC playback
    • High-quality exports

    Tips and common problems
    • Resetting your preferences file
    • Moving and relinking source files
    • The auto-save vault

    Questions and answers
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"Great centre, really well organised, good food and refreshments - really enjoyable experience. Rich was fab , too - really informative, knowledgable, friendly and patient. Everything you need! Thanks :)"

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and helpful. There was also a good selection of cakes, teas and salads at lunch :) "

"Being friendly and approachable. The course was really helpful as the trainer was knowledgable and went at a good pace as I had never used the software before. The sample videos we got to use were fun and proffessional so it felt like we had made real videos by the end of the course. It is also nice to be able to send our work by wetransfer at th end. The lunch was also nice as it was healthy and varied with gluten free options and even vegan chocolate biscuits. A good amount of breaks too. Would definitely want to train here again!"

"Really good tutor, and managed to cover a lot in the two days. Lunch / refreshments etc were great. "

"Very descriptive lesson"

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"very informative, good lunch, made sure everyone understood processes, good access to materials post-course "

"Good Introduction class and a comfortable speed, got all the information i needed and wanted from description of course"

"Great energy, enthusiasm and explanations, nothing was any trouble, even if we made a mistake or got stuck on something. Rob is awesome!"

"I now feel I have the knowledge and tools to support me in creating content for my organisation."

"Rob was very knowledgeable and very friendly! The course was pitched at the correct level and he made sure that the examples were relevant to what we were trying to achieve on the course. Loved the catering and location - will definitely recommend to my organisation for other relevant courses. "

"Really great and informative introduction - which definitely feel I can go and put into practice. Thanks!"

"Rob was very clear and thorough when explaining how to use premier pro."

"I have to say that i was a little dubious as the program was new to me but i went away feeling very happy with my progress and was delighted with the course. Safe to say it was one of the best courses i have been on in a very long time. Very happy."

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff and trainers"

"Lovely lunch and breakfast. Friendly welcome. Nice drinks. Great trainer! Good PCs to work on."

"Welcoming, knowledgeable, "