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CLO 3D Intro | Training Course

See your designs in 360.
Create patterns from scratch and showcase your garments with stunning 3D renders.


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London Bridge £429 + VAT save £70
Online £399 + VAT save £100
London Bridge £499 + VAT
Online £499 + VAT

CLO 3D Intro | Training Course

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Course Takeaways

What will I learn?

  • Draft precise 2D patterns
  • Manipulate garments in the 3D window
  • Work with fabrics, trims and fastenings
  • Customise and adjust avatars
  • Create and export 3D renders
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free post-course helpdesk support
Course Takeaways
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  • Delicious lunch provided
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What is Digital Fashion?

• Introduction to Digital Language and how it’s used in Fashion.

CLO3D Interface

• What is included in the Menus

• Traversing the 2D and 3D windows

• How to add objects to the 3D window from the Library

• Transformation axis and axis types

• Using and editing the Properties Menu

• What are the Editor Menus

Basics of Creating 2D Patterns in CLO3D

• Creating and editing a 2D pattern from scratch using shapes, curves, and points

• Applying Internal Lines to cut out shapes

• Using smart guides to assist with accuracy

• How linked editing and unfolding can speed up the process

• Importing Digital Patterns from DXF, PDF and Images

Setting up Patterns in the 3D Window

• Manipulating Patterns in the 3D window using the gizmo

• Using Arrangement Points to position pattern pieces

• How to reset 2D/3D arrangements

Sewing Fabrics in CLO3D

• What is the difference between Segment Sewing and Free Sewing

• Sewing pieces together; 2D vs the 3D window

• Editing the sewing

Simulating the Garment

• Different types of simulation tools

• Manipulating the Fabrics in Simulation Mode

• Applying Freeze, Strengthen and Deactivate to assist with complex garments

• Display options for Avatar and Fabrics

Adding and Changing Fabrics

• Creating CLO3D materials

• Adjusting material properties and types

• Colour, Reflectivity, and Roughness

• Applying digital prints in textures and adding graphics

• Creating and applying texture maps

• Using the Texture Editor

• Creating Colour Ways

Adding Trims and Hardware

• Adding a Functional Zipper and Buttons

• Creating different Top Stitch effects

• Adding Piping and Binding

• Adjusting Trim Properties and Types


Customising and Importing Avatars

• Customising the Avatars Measurements

• Adding Make-up and Different Underwear in Photoshop

• Posing an Avatar, Adding Props, and a Backdrop

• Adding Motion to Avatars and Garments

• Adding Animations from Mixamo


• Pattern Nesting

• Snapshot Tools

• Exporting for Teck Packs, Lay Plans & Printing

Rendering - Lights and Cameras

• Creating lights, type of lights and properties

• Adjusting light and shadow settings

• Setting up the camera

• Adjusting the camera to get a good shot

• Using depth of field

Rendering - Image Set Up

• Image sizing

• Adding Backgrounds vs Transparent

• Format – JPG/PNG/MP4

• GPU vs CPU rendering

• Quality vs Render time

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"Really good at engaging us throughout and showing the purpose behind why, how and when it is important to apply certain skills"
Waste Mission
21st June - Public Speaking

Latest Reviews

"Specific examples and visual aides and anecdotes"
AJ Bell
  • 21st June

"Tailoring the course to every individuals needs"
  • 21st June

"I've been lucky enough to have Rosie teach two courses at Media Training, which have both been wonderful. Cannot be improved, thank you Rosie!"
Queen Mary University Of London
  • 21st June