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Adobe Photoshop CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course


Adobe Photoshop is the software of choice for professionals working with digital images. Whether you are using Photoshop for print or the web, this extremely popular course has proved to be the most efficient and effective way of getting started in Adobe Photoshop CC.

The course covers all major Photoshop features including compositing images, graphics and text, making colour corrections to an image, understanding resolution, creating a montage, using Photoshop filters, working with layers and channels and preparing images for use in print and the web.

This is an Adobe authorised training course which provides an ideal introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC.

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

What are the 5 things you will get out of the course?
• Understanding the toolset, workspace and Photoshop workflow
• Editing and enhancing the existing imagery
• Use layers confidently to combine and collage images
• Using filters and special effects to add creative touches
• How to output artwork for print and the web You need no previous experience of the software to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day one

    Photoshop Essentials
    • The Photoshop interface
    • Using Photoshop workspaces and panels
    • Image Navigation tools
    • Using the History panel

    The characteristics of a Photoshop file
    • Pixels and paint programs
    • Image resolution, dimensions and file size
    • Colour Channels and Modes

    Setting basic image characteristics
    • Considerations when creating new documents
    • Cropping and rotating artwork
    • Changing image dimensions and resolution

    Working with Tone and Colour
    • Brightness and Contrast adjustments
    • Adjusting the colour balance
    • Hue and Saturation command
    • Selective colour edits

    Working with selections
    • Marquee selections
    • Lasso selections
    • Selecting by the colour difference
    • Modifying and combining selections
    • Saving and loading selections

    Retouching techniques
    • Removing imperfections and unwanted details
    • Working with the Clone Stamp tool
    • The Spot Healing Brush
    • Removing objects using Content-Aware Fill

    Questions and answers
  • Day two

    Working with paint and colour
    • Mixing and sampling colour
    • The Paint Brush tool
    • Using the Brush Settings Panel
    • Adding solid colour fills
    • Adding gradient fills

    Working with layers
    • Building a multi-layered document
    • Cut out techniques
    • Moving, scaling and rotating layers
    • Warp and Distort transforms
    • Content Aware Scale
    • Working with Creative Cloud Libraries
    • Exporting layered documents

    Creative techniques using layers
    • Colour Fill Layers
    • Layer opacity and blending modes
    • Creating layer effects
    • Using layer masks

    Shape and text layers
    • Vector shape layers
    • Adjusting shape layer properties
    • Working with the Text tool
    • Character and paragraph formatting

    • Using filters for special effects
    • Sharpen and Blur filters
    • Liquify filter

    Exporting finished artwork
    • Exporting images for digital applications
    • File formats for print applications

    Questions and answers
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"Trainer was very good at explaining points and helping us understand every aspect of the course."

"Good instructor, great food, good customer service, clean environment. Definitely come back to do more course"

"Giving practical examples of how to apply the techniques learnt during the sessions. "

"Simo was excellent. He's knowledgeable, patient and very approachable. I had a number of questions that weren't necessarily part of the course, and he happily helped me, showing me plenty of nifty ways to get the results I was looking for. Really pleased."

"Simo has been a great trainer, the course was so well organised and ran smoothly. Everyone was friendly and the ameneties were great. Thanks!"

"Our instructor Simo was fantastic, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would recommend the Photoshop course to anyone wanting to learn more about the program."

"Small Groups. Dedicated attention. "

"Really impressed with the structure of the course and the sizes of the classes, allows you to get to grips with what's being taught and a certain level of customisation if there's something specific you'd like to know. Very clear and easy to follow. "

"Simo was fantastic and knowledgeable. I really liked his pace and examples. He'd always give us other suggestions for a wider range of applications for whatever tool or filter we were learning about. Lovely friendly staff. Great amount of breaks and the food and drinks were delicious and plenty. Excellent facilities! Felt very welcome and was happy to spend my weekend here learning."

"Creative environment, great classrooms and computers, friendly staff, Simo was fantastic explaining each part of the course. Great speed and excellent photo examples."

"A really welcoming and friendly environment to learn in; not too corporate or intimidating, especially for beginner courses. Really knowledgeable trainers. Good food and lots of refreshments. I would definitely use Media Training again for any further training."

"Friendly, approachable."

"Excellent course, Simo is a great teacher, very clear, concise explanations of all the features, and relevant examples, very helpful and spent time with us 1 on 1. really enjoyed this course, thank you."

"Explaining everything methodically - meaning it was easy to follow"

"The group wasn't too big so it was easy to get 1-1 time with the instructor when necessary. The instructor was very approachable and happy to repeat steps if anything was missed. The instructor also made sure to check on everyone individually after a new step was taught, ensuring that everyone was on the same page and understood everything. Everything that was taught was relevant. Very effective course!"

"Everything. Great course structure, good interaction and exercises. Very thorough and calm instructor, willing to answer and help with all questions from delegates. Thanks very much!!"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and happy to go outside of the course guidelines when needed for more advanced stuff. Definitely worth it."

"very patient"

"I had a great experience across the board, really happy and would recommend"

"Very friendly. Excellent trainer, really beneficial - learned so much. SImo is very approachable and helpful. Would defo recommend to anyone that wants to do a Photoshop course. Will come back for another course such as InDesign. "

"Very knowledgeable and friendly trainer who went at a pace which allowed us to all keep up. I feel that I have learnt a lot and will go back to work knowing how to confidently use Photoshop. "

"I learned a huge amount on this course, and I'm really excited to start to apply my learnings in my day job. Simo is an excellent trainer - patient, engaging, good-natured and enthusiastic. Thanks again!"

"Training and trainer fantastic, good food and welcoming atmosphere. The small course size especially helped make the material more accessible and able to ask questions, go over things and have individual needs met."

"making us feel welcome :) "

"Trainer was very knowledgable Lots of information Practical "

"Friendly and knowledgable trainer, excellent facilities :) "

"I was impressed that it wasn't as basic as I thought it was and I did learn a lot. "

"Everything - really impressed! Thank you"

"Great pace and examples"

"Stayed at a good pace. Clearly explained all the different tools."

"Pretty much everything. A great two days. "

"Bringing a very friendly and professional environment to learn tech skills. Well done!"

"Well organised"

"friendly, well fed, feel i learnt a lot "

"Teaching was easy to follow and the excercises where both fun and beneficial"