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One Day Course

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This one day minute taking course will ensure that the minutes you take at meetings are clear, accurate and professional.

The course will provide you with all the essential skills you need for minute taking.

By having a clear understanding of the aim of the meeting and the benefit of having minutes, you will learn how to work with the chair, prepare the agenda, record the meeting, understand the salient points, and how to produce clear, well structured, actionable minutes.

What are the five things you will get out of this course?

• Organise and prepare for a meeting effectively
• Understand how to take notes and identify key points
• Listening and concentration methods and techniques
• Agenda and minute use, importance and layouts
• Discuss how to work with the Chairperson

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Why have meetings and why take minutes
    • The difference minutes can make
    • Why minutes must be clear and accurate

    Becoming a minute-taker
    • What is the role of a minute taker?
    • Skills required by a minute taker
    • The tasks of the effective minute taker

    Preparation before a meeting
    • The role of the chair and how to work with your chair
    • Discussing the meeting with the chair before it starts
    • Understanding the aim of the meeting
    • Preparing the agenda

    The meeting
    • Effective listening and understanding
    • Analysing what is being said
    • Taking notes and deciding what to record
    • Impartial recording of the meeting and points made
    • Identifying individual contributors
    • Maintaining your concentration throughout the meeting
  • Writing up the minutes
    • The difference between informal and formal minutes
    • Choosing which style is appropriate for a meeting
    • Transcribing your notes
    • How much details to include
    • Structuring the minutes
    • Writing in a clear, concise style of English
    • Good use of grammar and language
    • When to use jargon and abbreviations
    • Formatting the minutes in an easy to read and digest layout

    Editing the minutes
    • Assessing the minutes - what are they trying to achieve
    • Ensuring the minutes are actionable
    • Getting input from other attendees
    • Distributing the minutes

    Questions and answers
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  Recent Feedback

"It was a great course and very informative. I would highly recommend the course. "

"the trainer was really helpful and was able to relate to different work settings. All my questions were answered."

"Trainer was informative and lots of examples and videos which helped. Hand out were good to refer back to. "

"Good pricing Good trainers Information on how to find centre"

"Everything, excellent course - exceeded expectations."

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - 13th December

"Really lovely and efficient company. Trainer was great. "

"The trainer was great, made us feel comfortable, listened to us. Very informative and valuable training, a good mix of group work and looking at a video and doing a dummy run of minute taking and flip chart work. It helps that the trainer has worked for many years and with many companies as it brings true life experiences into training. The venue was good, tea/coffee and lunch facilities and good amount of breaks."

"Everything was fab, thank you so much!"

"Nice. Environment"

"Donna was a great trainer. She spoke clearly, laid out the objectives at the beginning and repeated the important parts. It was interactive and interesting. The centre is good for this trupe of training. "

"Great trainer, would be good to have some exercises to take away? or maybe minute templates? but overall really happy and eager to get started!"

"Engaging, interesting course material, trainer listened and answered questions well. Thank you. "

"Tina was amazing and so lovely. "

"The approach that the trainer used was friendly and good. I learnt a lot of knowledge from this training. "

"Engaging and positive environment"

"Very knowledgeable and approachable."

"Tina is an excellent trainer"

"Refreshments great as always. Trainer was knowledgeable and very open to answering questions as they arose."

"-Good examples of day to day examples which are relate-able -Asking the class their examples of how this has or hasn't effected them previously - Expanding on not just minute taking tips but also room and mindful examples "

"very welcoming, friendly, felt as part of community"

"Everything was organised well and I would not recommend any changes."

"Good course and lovely environment "

"Great training, very informative and relevant examples"

"Interactive discussion, making people feel comfortable to speak, encouraging abilities, highlighting the underlying challenges in writing good minutes "

"Trainer made us feel at ease from the start and the course was really helpful. I look forward to putting everything we have learnt into practice. The examples were good and the activity helped highlight the good and bad habits I have currently and things that need to be tweaked or changed. Thank you so much."

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - 28th February

"Donna was incredible- she has completely restored my fair in my ability and knowledge on minute taking. She was knowledgeable, fun, down to earth, helpful and very understanding. I would recommend this course to anyone. The course environment was lovely ( a hidden gem in London) The lunch was lovely, a little carb heavy but very nice :)"

"The course was pitched just right for me"

"Donna was amazing, patient, reassuring and a good teacher."

"Entertaining and engaging. Donna included examples from her own life and experience that were helpful. Very knowledgeable. Real confidence boost for someone who has no knowledge or experience of minute taking. "

"Donna was fantastic! She was incredibly knowledgeable and explained things in a way that related to everyone, not only within a work environment but within every day lives. She made me feel much better about my minute taking and made me realise that I am actually doing a good job. "

"Making us feel welcome Knowledgeable trainer Nice range of refreshments"

"The overall atmosphere was great for training. Good lunches and refreshments. Small classes are really useful."

"Making people feel comfortable, great atmosphere, friendly staff and effective training sessions "

"Very informative and knowledgeable trainer. Really enjoyed the course and looking forward to receiving presentation and templates via email. Great venue."

"The atmosphere of the training centre is lovely, and I liked the training exercises. I also like that the trainer did not provide print-outs as this is often a waste of paper; instead we were offered the option of emailing him and receiving the course slides by email."