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Cinema 4D : Introduction

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Two Day Course


This Maxon authorised two day training course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction, showing you how to use Cinema 4D, the industry standard 3D application, to create still images and animations for both TV and film.

During the course you will learn to set up a project, understand Cinema 4D's interface, work within a 3D environment, model and render objects adding texture and lighting effects to them and create some basic animation sequences.

By the end of the course the delegate will have the tools to create full 3D scenes and create finished output.

This course is designed for anyone who is new to Cinema 4D and wants to learn to create 3D stills and animations. No previous experience of Cinema 4D or any modelling program is required.

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Course Outline


    Cinema 4D Basics
    • Welcome to the Cinema 4D interface
    • Using layouts and 'workspaces'
    • Setting up a project
    • Frame rate and unit sizes
    • Understanding the various windows, toolbars and viewports
    • Navigating around a 3d space and using hotkey navigation
    • Managing project settings correctly

    Creating Objects in Cinema 4D
    • Understanding basic object types and parameters,
    • Understanding the various types and forms, their settings and parameters
    • Creating basic objects ‐ primitives
    • Manipulating objects, moving scaling and rotating
    • Using the attributes manager
    • Understanding object properties and object tags

    Understanding the objects hierarchy
    • How the object hierarchy or objects list works as an organizational tool
    • Cinema 4D's parent and child structure ‐ understanding parent and child relationships
    • Using the list to hide and display objects
    • Using Null objects to control the hierarchy

    Using Modifiers and Deformers to modify, distort and manipulate objects
    • Creating Deformers and using them correctly within the object list
    • Types of Deformers ‐ uses for animation and modelling
    • Deformer limits ‐ using falloff

    Making spline or outline objects to edit and create objects
    • Creating basic outlines with the Bezier pen
    • Making shapes and paths
    • Bezier types, interpolation and curve interpolation
    • Smoothing Beziers
    • Text splines
    • Using Illustrator paths

    Creating more complex models using different constructor objects
    • Extrusion objects
    • Lofting ‐ making surfaces from profiles
    • Lathing ‐ spinning objects in a virtual lathe
    • Arrays ‐ multiple objects from a single source
    • Booleans ‐ combination objects
    • The Combine object ‐ turning separate elements into one
    • Using subdivision surfaces for making smoother models

    Using editable objects, points edges and polygons to create any shape or surface
    • Points, edges and polygons ‐ the different editing modes
    • Understanding detail level ‐ How many polygons?
    • Using the Tool setting in the attributes manager
    • Using the Selection tools
    • Extruding and inner extruding
    • Beveling polygons and edges
    • Joining and breaking polygons
    • Smoothing and Phong tags
    • Face normals
    • Alignment functions
    • Avoiding common polygon problems

    Creating and working with materials to change the colour, texture and properties of objects
    • Making new materials and shaders
    • Enabling material properties
    • Colour, texture, reflectance and transparency
    • Bump maps to enhance surfaces.
    • Using bitmaps and procedural textures
    • Creating a texture within Adobe Photoshop
    • Applying materials ‐ material tags
    • UVW mapping ‐ how to align textures with objects

    Creating environments for objects
    • An infinite ground plane ‐ the floor object.
    • Making skies, skylight objects and physical skies.
    • Creating "props" to assist with reflections
    • Hiding environments for reflections

    Adding lights and Cinema 4D cameras to give viewpoints
    • Understanding the range of light types and light techniques
    • Working with different light ranges and falloff
    • Shadow types and their parameters
    • Adding visible and volumetric lights
    • Adding Skylights
    • Creating and using a camera
    • Setting lens settings and parameters
    • Camera switching and editing

    Creating simple animations using animation and Keyframing
    • Basic animation techniques
    • Understanding the animation workspace
    • Getting things to move with Keyframes
    • Using the Timeline to animate an element or function
    • Using keys and curves
    • Previewing an animation

    Rendering and output to create still or animation sequences
    • The Cinema 4D renderers
    • Rendering set up ‐ size and frame rate
    • File types ‐ Exporting frames and animations
    • Adding Global Illumination for more realistic rendering
    • Adding more effects to the renderer
    • The Cinema 4D picture viewer
    • Rendering for print and video

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"Wolf really knows his stuff and delivered the training in a fun, informative, engaging way, I really enjoyed the course and will take a lot out of it as i explore C4D further, food was great too. Thanks."

"Fantastic course, great service and very friendly staff. Cheers!"

"Wolf's knowledge was fantastic, he was friendly, warm and helpful at all times. The breaks were well spread through day and kept you engaged with the work rather than feeling exhausted."

"Wolf made it real easy to get to grips with Cinema 4D, with his knowledge of the software and sense of humour, he brought the whole room together. The food was amazing and the atmosphere felt like being back at uni :) I'd love to come back for some more tutorials."

"Great environment "

"Course was very informative. "

"Lunch was amazing."

"Very informative and a good pace"

"Nice lunch, excellent tutor, full marks."

"It was a very detailed and well explained course for 2 days. Amazing tutor!"

"great teacher, nice place, good service"

"Consideration paid to every aspect of the course and facilities"

"Teaching - covered a lot in a short space of time "

"The course was really useful and a great intro. The lunch is good and the staff are friendly."

"Friendly, warm and knowleadgeable"

"really really friendly, really nice place"

"good schedule, structure, trainer is very knowledgable "

"This was a hugely enjoyable course that has given me an excellent grounding in Cinema4D. I have attended quite a few courses in the last year, but this training centre was by far the best."

"Everything, all staff great and friendly and Wolf was a very cool tutor and made learning easy."

"Wolf's knowledge is incredible"

"The content of the course is great, all the staff are fantastic. Keep it up "

"Wolf Sensei knows his stuff... he's slightly more useful than the 'show help' option of C4D, as they neglect dad jokes through-out. Loved it."

"For a beginner course this was brilliant and very informative. It delved into basic skills in object creation, tools, controls, layout, texturing, lighting, and rendering. The examples given were relevant to my work and what I'll be using the software for. All the information given was more than enough to start creating professional looking graphic content, and it'll come in extremely useful for me in the future. The refreshments - lunch in particular - were excellent, and the staff were all extremely friendly and welcoming. "

"Martin is an incredible trainer!!"

"Enthusiasm for the program. Ease of understanding and following the course. Lunch great."

"Very knowledgable trainer, good facilities"

"Friendly, well organized, good equipment, great trainer"

"The structure of the course, facilities were really top class."

"Wolf was great and had so much knowledge, and knew several different ways to get to a same end result. I feel most confident to start having a go at modelling, and look forward to playing with C4D more. Lunch was amazing. thanks"

"the course was great, really clear and hopefully will continue to learn"

"Very friendly staff and instructor. The lunches and snacks were very good. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was very easy to ask questions about the program. "

"Good speed. many thanks Wolf!"

"Everything :) Course was super helpful, food, friendly staff. "

"Was really pleased with the course and trainer!"

"Teaching the software at a good speed in order to cover enough of the basics. Made it very easy to learn."