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Team Working | Training Course

Develop collaborative teamworking skills to forge better working relationships.
Be part of a positive, motivated team working together to achieve the same goal.


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London Bridge £429 + VAT save £70
Online £399 + VAT save £100
Online £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
Online £499 + VAT

Team Working | Training Course

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Course Takeaways

What will I learn?

  • Team leaders' roles and responsibilities
  • What makes a balanced team?
  • Setting clear objectives and expectations
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Ways to resolve conflicts
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free post-course helpdesk support
Course Takeaways
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How good is the course?

  • Average Score 4.7 out of 5
  • Delicious lunch provided
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 20 reviews


• What is team working?

• Why positive and productive teams produce better results

The balanced team

• The different personality types required in a balanced team

• The differing roles required in effective teams

• How individual talents contribute different strengths and skill sets to a team

• What makes a high performing team?


• The role and responsibilities of the team leader

• The responsibilities of the individual team members

Setting objectives

• Sharing a team vision

• Personal and team objectives

• Defining individual and team scope and expectations

Developing the team

• Developing effective team and personal communication skills

• Values for effective team working

• Understanding the dynamics within a team

• Improving team working and team motivation

Team leadership

• Identifying your own preferred team leadership style

• Understanding how your style impacts the team

• Identifying specific action to improve your team leadership

• Understanding the stages of team development

• Developing a plan to improve team development

Effective Communication within a team

• Personal communication skills

• What is good team communication?

• Handling conflict and clashes

• The importance of assertiveness

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"Michael was absolutely brilliant, I would highly recommend him to the rest of my team."
Lloyds Banking Group
24th May - Team Working

Latest Reviews

"This is the second course that I have attended and the venue is perfect for learning. F&B is fantastic. Good selection of courses available and looking forward to coming back in June for Time Management."
Kent Golf Limited
  • 23rd May

"Trainer was really competent. Enjoyed the session with her"
  • 20th January

"Always a great venue, the facilities, staff and provisions food. Intersting, informative, relevant course with good range of resources to refer to after. Excellent instructor, hope to have a course with her in future."
Royal College Of Psychiatrists
  • 20th January