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One Day Course


Learn to be assertive in your communication on a one-day Assertiveness training course.

The key outcomes of attending this course will be learning how to be assertive, making your voice and point of view heard, saying no when required, feeling in control and communicating a clear message.

We teach you how to take control of your communication through clear assertiveness so you can then effectively put your points across and achieve the desired outcomes.

Good assertiveness ties in persuasiveness, while supporting the opinions of others and building co-operation in teams, which is essential to achieve the maximum potential, both individually and for an organisation.

This course is essential for those wanting to learn how to deal easily and effectively with colleagues. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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    Small class sizes so you get the maximum amount of trainer time possible. You attend with delegates from other companies.

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    One to one tuition or a private group with just your colleagues. Your choice of duration, content and location. We can train at one of our centres or onsite with you wherever you are located.

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Course Outline

  • The principles of assertion
    • Recognising assertiveness
    • Understanding the different styles of behaviour ‐ assertive, passive, aggressive
    • The need for assertiveness, persuasion and communication
    • The difference between aggression and assertiveness

    • Recognising your own style
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your style
    • How to apply assertiveness at work
    • Recognising and dealing with your own anxiety, apprehension and fear

    Assertiveness and body language
    • What is positive body language?
    • Projecting a more confident, open and competent image
    • How to use positive body language to influence others perceptions
  • Taking control with positive language and voice control
    • Benefiting from win-win assertiveness
    • Listening, understanding, discussing, being specific
    • Using assertiveness in meetings
    • Making requests without manipulation
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Establishing your goals and an action plan for implementing on return to work

    Saying No
    • Refusing unreasonable requests with confidence
    • How to say no without feeling guilt

    Using assertiveness positively
    • Using assertiveness to manage criticism, confrontation and anger
    • Managing difficult people and situations
    • Using assertiveness to form stronger relationships

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Experience + Flexibility

We know training inside out. We can advise you on all the options to make sure you get the best possible course.

Tell us you need to cancel 5 working days before your course and there’s no charge. Great for your peace of mind.

Our trainers bring their years of industry experience into the classroom. You'll leave confident and prepared.

The smallest class size in the industry. More one on one time with the trainer and a less intimidating group size.

Tell us which you use and it'll be booted up and waiting with the latest software when you arrive.

We provide a lovely onsite lunch so you can relax. We can cater for any dietary requirement with no fuss.

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Attendees surveyed17635
  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.7%

  Recent Feedback

"Lovely environment for learning. Course instructor knowledgable and friendly. Course informative and very useful! "

"Structured day with hands on examples. Great trainer!"

"Brilliant that the class sizes were so small (4) something that I can't find in other courses. Felt confident to openly discuss topics and hear others experiences"

"It was a really relaxed friendly environment, where I felt I could say anything and not be judged."

"Great coach, excellent communication and I enjoyed having the chance to discuss the ideas and practice examples. "

"Great food and lovely facilities. Tina was very friendly and helpful and all examples used and discussed were relevant and useful."

"The lunch was incredible - trainer was really nice!"

"Explanation of all Assertiveness and the different states. The course was relaxed and the teacher very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand. Would highly recommend this course in future."

"Really nice trainer"

"great atmosphere/environment"

"Creating a positive learning and networking environment"

"Delivering the educational content in a relaxed, informal setting and making everyone feel open to share their own thoughts. "

"The pace and content were perfect for me. Lots to consider, and to put into practice. Nice to have just two of us in the session! In particular a work issue was talked through, which not only re-focused my priorities, but enabled me to decide how to deal with it. Overall a great session that I would strongly recommend."

"The trainer gave some good examples of her own personal experiences to illustrate the course content which was useful in helping to understand the exercises"

"Welcoming and making us feel comfortable"

"Organisation, venue, food. Lovely trainer"

"Food. Good environment. Friendly staff. Good location."

"Small group enabled tailored techniques and personal examples to be explored. Very experienced trainer which was brilliant."

"The course was very focused to our specific needs. The small group helped us to go through our actual issues at work, as opposed to generic issues that may or may not help us."