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Leadership : Introduction

Two Day Course


What is Leadership?

Successful leaders operate at any level in an organisation. There are are many Leadership definitions but it is ultimately the skill to inspire, influence and guide an individual, team or organisation to achieve a common goal.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

A good leader will have excellent communication skills, be decisive, inspire and empower others, have integrity, be positive and enthusiastic as well as creative and innovative.

What is our Leadership course about?

Our Leadership course provides an understanding of the fundamentals of Leadership as well as the methods of how to apply them in your workplace. Over two days you will be introduced to a range of different models and tools to help shape your personal Leadership style and develop your Leadership skills.

This course is designed for anyone, at any level, who wants to lead more effectively as well as those aspiring to a Leadership position. The emphasis of this course is to develop Leadership skills through practical activities including discussions, group work, case studies and exercises.

We recommend also sitting our Management Introduction course. This will give you a more holistic understanding of how to be an effective Manager and Leader as well as improve the performance of your team.

What are the 5 things you will get out of this course?

After completing the Leadership course you will be able to:

• Understand the difference between leadership and management
• Define the skills and responsibilities of an effective leader
• Enhance your strategic thinking and leadership style
• Develop your communication and social skills by working in a team
• Learn to develop an action plan to apply in both your personal and working environment

You need no previous Leadership experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day One

    • Introductions and working agreement
    • Personal learning objectives

    Introducing Leadership
    • Your experiences of Leadership
    • Definitions of leadership
    • Leadership vs Management
    • Stepping up to leadership
    • Leadership Skills

    Assessing yourself as a Leader
    • Assess your Leadership Characteristics
    • What kind of leader do you want to be?
    • Knowing yourself and your values

    Leading others
    • Becoming an engaging leader
    • Developing a team vision
    • How do others see your leadership?
    • Leading high performing teams
    • Models of coaching and mentoring

    Your leadership style
    • Find your leadership style
    • Adapting your leadership style
    • Action centred leadership
    • Team engagement
  • Day Two

    Leading people through change
    • Reactions to change
    • Pathways through change
    • Tools to aid transition

    Leading different types of teams
    • Your team
    • Project teams
    • Virtual teams
    • Senior teams
    • Leadership challenges and opportunities

    Leading within your organisation
    • Asses your environment
    • Thinking strategically
    • Changing behaviours in others
    • Leadership and organisational politics

    Leadership development
    • Develop your leadership network
    • Develop your skills
    • Develop your knowledge

    Looking forward
    • Leadership top tips
    • Personal action planning
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