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AI Tools for Video Editors | Training Course

Discover the future of video editing.
Perform complex edits, add special effects, and achieve spotless audio effortlessly with AI.


  Course Dates Venue   Price  
Online £399 + VAT save £100
London Bridge £429 + VAT save £70
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
Online £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT

AI Tools for Video Editors | Training Course

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Course Takeaways

What will I learn?

  • How AI tools can improve your workflow
  • Enhance video quality with AI
  • Colour grade and add effects
  • Achieve spotless audio
  • Automatic Multi-cam editing
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free post-course helpdesk support
Course Takeaways
Learner Reviews

How good is the course?

  • Average Score 4.9 out of 5
  • Delicious lunch provided
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 17 reviews

You'll need to have completed our Premiere Introduction course or have equivalent working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro to attend this course.


• The pivotal role AI tools can play in video editing

• Real-world examples demonstrating what can be achieved with AI tools

Using AI for video quality enhancement

• Achieving super slow motion effects from any frame rate

• Removing unwanted objects from videos

• Practical exercise

AI for advanced effects

• Techniques for blurring faces in videos - Prioritise privacy without sacrificing quality

• Make your videos pop with AI assisted colour grading

• Motion Brush - Animate still images

• Text to Video - Generate videos with text prompts

• Practical exercise

AI for audio enhancement and clarity

• Eliminating background noise

• AI solutions for audio levelling - Consistent sound across your project

• Adobe Podcast BETA

• Practical exercise

AI for Multi-Camera and Podcast editing

• Synchronising multiple camera angles - AI solutions for seamless editing

• Automated Multi-cam editing

• Deleting silence from recordings

• Practical exercise

Social media video content creation with AI tools

• Automatic captions

• Quick and effective video summarisation - Get your message across in seconds

• Practical exercise

The future of AI in video editing

• Upcoming AI technologies to keep an eye on

• Strategies for staying up to date in this rapidly evolving field

Troubleshooting and overcoming AI limitations

• Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

• Manual overrides for when AI goes awry

• Practical exercise

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"Nicole was really great and super knowledgeable"
Baringa Partners
15th May - AI Tools for Video Editors

Latest Reviews

"Great course. Great tools shown. Huge time savers"
ISL London
  • 29th April

"Great Course, my trainer Nicole was very helpful and friendly"
Southern Housing
  • 29th April

"Giving a clear idea of what is currently possible and what is around the corner."
NHS Resolution
  • 29th April