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After Effects Intermediate | Training Course

Take your existing motion graphics and animation skills to the next level.
Learn to master in-depth After Effects features on this Adobe Authorised course.


  Course Dates Venue   Price  
Online £499 + VAT
London Bridge £379 + VAT save £120
London Bridge £399 + VAT save £100
Online £349 + VAT save £150
London Bridge £429 + VAT save £70
London Bridge £449 + VAT save £50
Online £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
Online £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
Online £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
London Bridge £499 + VAT
Online £499 + VAT

After Effects Intermediate | Training Course

Course Takeaways
Course Info

Course Offering

Course Takeaways

What will I learn?

  • Enhance workflow practices and project structure
  • Master Alpha Channels and their correct usage
  • Learn advanced techniques for effects, keyframes, and masks
  • Discover the power of text layers and motion tracking
  • Gain insights into 3D layers and integration with Adobe Premiere
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free post-course helpdesk support
Course Takeaways
Learner Reviews

How good is the course?

  • Average Score 4.8 out of 5
  • Delicious lunch provided
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 592 reviews

Day One

Project Settings in Detail

• Better workflow practices - structure

• Workflow for replacing and organising your assets

• Using Collect files for "Packaging"

The Info Palette

• Checking footage integrity

• Checking the Alpha Channel

• How Alpha Channels really work

• Avoiding basic Alpha mistakes

• Bit depth and colour spaces - 8,16 and 32 Bits per channel

Exploring Effects in Detail

• Using masks with effects - "compositing options"

• Better colour correction

• Combining effects with layers modes

• Better effect combination with effect transfer modes

• Some key under used effects

• Distortions and Warps

• Basic particle systems

Keyframes in Detail

• Keyframe Interpolation

• Spatial and Temporal Interpolation

• Controlling bezier path behaviour

The Graph Editor

• Two graphs in one - the Value and Velocity curves

• Controlling Speed with the graph editor

• Adjusting temporal Interpolation types for better control

Masks in Detail

• Tips for better mask control

• Creating a basic Rotoscope

• Rotoscoping - good and bad examples

• Refining edges

• Avoiding Rotoscoping where possible

• Mask Tracking

• Using Chroma keying to remove backgrounds

Text Layers in Detail

• Source text - a hidden gem

• Creating counters - source text with an expression

• Text animators in detail - advanced settings

Motion Tracking

• Following an object in a shot - basic position tracking

• How the tracker works

• Track settings for better results

• Tracker options

Day Two

Basic Expressions

• Wiggling and looping - getting better control

• Loop types

• Duplicating Wiggles - why and how

• Random "Seeds" - how they work and why it matters

• Linking properties with the "Pickwhip"

• Using Expression controls

• Using Expressions to create animations easily

• Creating automatic audio based animation

Shape Layers in Detail

• Adding more complex parameters to shape layers

• Converting Vector files to shape layers for better control

• Using Repeaters for shape generation and animation

Time Changes

• Time remapping

• Using correct Frame Blending settings

Render Settings in Detail

• Alpha output - avoiding problems with pre-multiplication

• File formats with greater bit depth

• Better use of Media encoder

• Compression settings - bit rates and how compressed files work

3D Layers in Detail

• Camera settings

• Depth of field

• 3D rendered choices

• Geometry options for extrusion

• Material options and reflections

• Lights Settings in detail

• Shadow problems solved

• Animated Camera problems and solutions

• Creating a Camera "Orbit Null"

• Creating complex camera animation easily

• The Collapse transformation button in 3D

Using After Effects with Adobe Premiere

• Dynamic link options

• Examples of typical workflows

The Link to Cinema 4D

• Cinema 4D Lite - how to access it

• Using Cinema 4D files within After Effects

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" Wolf is very knowledgeable and very good at explaining everything. Enjoyed how he went through some basics again as a reminder as well as going through loads of new stuff. Great tips on where to deepen my knowledge to get better. Thanks again."
Versus Arthritis
6th November - After Effects CC : Intermediate

Latest Reviews

"Wolf was so knowledgeable and helpful. Really great course - learnt so many hidden tips and tricks to take forward into my after effects work. Will reccomend this course to anyone! Thanks so much! :)"
Hampshire County Council
  • 11th September

"The Course really helped me improve my workflow and efficiency! It also helped me understand techniques which I have been desperate to learn and can instantly implement into my work. I Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about After Effects!"
Pinch Of Nom
  • 11th September

"Trainer was direct, clear and informative. I had no issue understanding instruction and was given ample opportunity to both ask and answer questions. The food was wonderful and staff were very friendly."
Pillory Barn Creative Ltd
  • 4th September