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Adobe Animate CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course


Adobe Animate provides a powerful all-in-one platform for producing video and animation content. Animate allows you to publish as either SWF or HTML5 across desktops, smartphones, tablets and TVs.

This Adobe authorised course is designed for new users of Animate who wish to create visually engaging content for web banners, e-learning content, games and desktop applications.

This extremely popular two-day course has proved to be the most effective way of getting up and running in Adobe Animate quickly and easily. This course covers Animate basics, importing, creating and editing vector graphics and working with text as well as creating animations.

You will also create interactive elements using built-in ActionScript behaviours, incorporate sound and video and publish and test your Animate content on a range of platforms.

You need no previous experience of using Animate to attend this course.

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Course Outline


    Animate essentials

    • About File Types: HTML5 Canvas versus Actionscript 3
    • The Adobe Animate interface
    • Syncing settings in Animate CC
    • Creating a new Animate document
    • Setting stage properties and dimensions
    • Working with panels and panel layouts
    • Custom panel sets
    • Rules, guides and grid
    • Identifying the development cycle
    • Creating a new file
    • Publish Settings

    Draw Tools and Bitmaps

    • Object and shape draw modes
    • Vector draw tools
    • Alignment and Transformation Tools and Panels
    • Modifying Properties
    • Reshaping Vectors
    • Working with Live Text
    • Creating and modifying gradients
    • Importing and saving swatches
    • Working with Layers
    • Layer Masks
    • Integration with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
    • Importing Bitmaps

    Basic Animation Principles

    • Timeline Essentials
    • Understanding the Timeline and Frame Rate
    • About Frames, Keyframes and Blank Keyframes
    • Adding, removing and copying from the Timeline
    • Creating Cell Animations
    • Creating Shape Tweens
    • Controlling Shape Tweens
    • Understanding Motion and Classic Tweens
    • About Symbols: Graphic, Button and Movie Clip

    Questions and answers

    Classic Tween Techniques

    • Creating Graphic Symbols
    • Exploring the Library
    • Editing Symbols and Resetting the Registration Point
    • Fading in and out
    • Resizing and Rotating
    • Animating on a Path with Motion Guides
    • Building self-contained Movie Clip animations
    • Understanding and applying Easing
    • Creating Custom Eases

    Applied Animation Techniques

    • Planning and Storyboards
    • Character Animation Techniques
    • Parallax scrolling
    • Animated Masking
    • Building and Testing Banner Ads
    • Creating IK chains with the Bone Tool
    • Working with the Camera Tool
    • Integrating Audio and Video

    Interactivity and Publishing

    • Best practice for file sizes
    • Exporting as Video and Animated Gif
    • Creating Buttons
    • About HTML5 and Javascript
    • Working with Code Snippets
    • Linking to websites
    • Timeline Navigation
    • Creating loops
    • Publishing for browsers and devices
    • About clickTag
    • Working with AD Agencies

    Questions and answers
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"Really good at pacing learners throughout the task and providing insight into some of the procedures to gain a better understanding. I enjoyed learning different techniques and practicing them across different tasks within the course. I also liked Ivan's teaching technique through demonstration and showcasing a number of scenarios that I may come across when I'm applying the technique on a different task. "

"The course - Iwan was wicked. "

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"The whole delivery of the course was excellent!"

"very knowledgable and patient trainer, very good facilities"

"Overall environment, lunch (healthy and good choices), good working examples in Animate"


"Showing an all round example of Animate and its functionality."

"the lunches and tea breaks were delicious "

"very relevant course and helpful. Great understanding for beginners "

"Great creative environment - perfect for your courses!! my second visit and will definitely be back!"

"It was great to go from having never used the Adobe Animate programme before, to feeling as though I will be able to apply the skills I have learnt on the course to numerous projects at work. "

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"Great session. Iwan is really professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very patient! Thanks so much!"

"professional, good course material and examples. "

"All members of staff were friendly and helpful. Ivan was attentive and supported me throughout the 2 days, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable. I learnt a lot more than I expected and had a good time, which isn't often said about training days! The lunch was particularly good! Thank you to everybody."

"Coping with ad-hoc questions on the course and personalising it to our needs. I loved the fact that there were only 3 of us on the course, that was particularly wonderful. Training centre and staff were really friendly. "

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"It's is pretty intense but I feel confident enough now that with a little practise I'll be able to use Animate for what I need, it seems so overwhelming at first but Ivan did a great job of breaking it down into manageable pieces!"

"Course was at a really good pace, not too rushed and provided all the needed examples in order for me to feel confident enough to go and get stuck in to the software myself"

"Loved the environment, very friendly. Small classes so focused attention. Enjoyed the course very much. Thanks so much!"

"Small numbers in courses is great. "

"Food was amazing and venue really easy to get to. Thanks - great course!"

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"Instructor was very knowledgeable and the equipment, centre and staff were great"

"imparting a lot of information over a short space of time. Never lost focus."

"Iwan was very good at explaining things in and I found the course easy to follow. I really liked that the classes were small groups, it gave everyone an opportunity to ask questions when they needed to. Would definitely recommend to others."