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Adobe InDesign CC : Intermediate

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Two Day Course


This Adobe authorised course is for those with some existing InDesign experience who want to reach new levels of productivity.

The course will enable you to create complex and sophisticated documents harnessing the more advanced features and tools in Adobe InDesign.

The course covers text handling techniques, working with tables, using object libraries, InDesign's advanced transparency options and streamlining repetitive tasks.

You will also explore essential InDesign shortcuts, workflow management issues and receive hints and tips from experienced InDesign professionals.

What are the five things you will get out of this course?
• Customise the InDesign interface and create styles that save time and ensure consistency across your documents
• Use InDesign’s baseline options to give your documents a professional look and feel
• Create dynamic layouts using the Shape Creation and Transparency tools
• Manage Document Colour profiles to ensure accurate colour output
• Send documents to print with confidence using custom Preflight profiles to spot any potential errors

You should have attended the Introduction to Adobe InDesign course at Media Training or have an equivalent working knowledge.

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Course Outline

  • The InDesign interface
    • Managing your InDesign preferences
    • Customising InDesign menus to enhance your workflow
    • Creating custom shortcut sets
    • Progressing with custom workspaces

    Finessing Your Text Content
    • Controlling how Word documents are imported
    • Creating Word Import options presets
    • Inserting Special characters
    • Utilising White Space characters
    • Using the Glyphs panel
    • Adding & removing copy breaks
    • Using Find/Change options to apply formatting changes
    • Options for automatically threading copy
    • Using Smart Text Reflow options

    Working with tables
    • Creating tables
    • Importing data from Word & Excel
    • Converting text to tables
    • Formatting tables & cells
    • Utilising Header & Footer Rows
    • Introducing graphic cells
    • Including graphics in your tables
    • Adding, removing & rearranging columns & rows
    • Fine-tuning the appearance of your table

    Progressing with Paragraph styles
    • Displaying the Style Override Highlighter
    • Enhancing Drop Caps
    • Introducing Nested Styles
    • Understanding First Line Styles
    • Eliminating widows & orphans
    • Avoiding floating headings
    • Adding & removing copy breaks
    • Applying shading to paragraphs
    • Introducing paragraph borders
    • Flowing copy across columns
    • Introducing bullet & list options
    • Using Object Styles to format copy
    • Shortcuts for clearing styles & overrides

    Questions & answers
  • Working with Grids

    Introducing baseline grids
    • Displaying the document baseline grid
    • Creating a margin-based baseline grid
    • Controlling type alignment on the baseline grid
    • Introducing frame-based baseline grids
    • Working with document grids

    Managing your Assets
    • Progressing with CC Libraries
    • Leveraging the Snippet Import Option preference
    • Using the Paste Remembers Layer command
    • Collaborating with CC Libraries
    • Sharing your assets

    Progressing with Multi-page documents
    • Working with Multiple Master Pages
    • Different sized pages within one document
    • Controlling spread pagination

    Working with shapes
    • Adjusting path segments
    • Working with stroke styles
    • Using Live Corner effects
    • Creating custom shapes
    • Creating compound paths
    • Converting text to outlines

    Managing Colour
    • Overview of Colour Settings
    • Understanding Global Swatches

    Understanding transparency & effects
    • Applying transparency
    • Using the Effects panel to control transparency
    • Applying blending modes
    • Guidelines for successful output

    Printing & export options
    • Creating custom Preflight Profiles
    • Saving and loading Preflight Profiles
    • Using pre-defined PDF presets
    • Creating custom PDF presets
    • Producing PDF files for a high-resolution composite workflow

    Questions & answers
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"Organised and adaptable to the skill set in the room! Matt was fantastic and had a lot of shortcuts and different ways of doing things. Thank you!"

"The guys who go around keeping the place tidy are SO efficient. amazing. I loved that I could store my bike in the office. There were a good amount of breaks and that FOOOOOD. Yes. So good. Pool table was fun."

"Examples were great and relevant to my work, good size of class so that questions were easily answered, I like the mixture of examples and exercises and our trainer was really friendly and helpful. "

"I found that Alistair was really interested in helping us and i felt really comfortable here! "

"Extremely knowledgeable, friendly trainer who was able to answer every question. Working space and break areas/food were all great."

"Good preparation for the session - covered everything i hoped for and more."

"The overall discussion of subjects in a clear and detailed manner."

"Good at structuring the day and breaking it up with well timed breaks. Good at talking things through in logical steps. Good at providing design inspiration as well as just technical facts. "

"Being friendly, making us feel comfortable, and especially at working at the right pace for the class. Peter made sure that no one ever felt embarrassed if they weren't sure about something. Thank you! :) "

"All of it - had a fantastic time. Peter was great, and I learnt so much - can't wait to go back and test it all out :) "

"Peter was an amazing trainer, he ensured that everyone understood what we were all doing. The work we went through was all relevant "

"The set up is great in terms of the location, the design of the building, the music and atmosphere.. Also the set up of the day, adequate breaks and good timings overall. "

"Peter was very knowledgeable and had an answer for everyones questions - he knows his stuff! "

"The course was excellent. The trainer was very helpful and made time to attend each one of our questions which provided a great basis for us all to learn from as we all came from different industries. I was very impressed by the centre itself, including the staff and the food that was provided. I would love to attend more training sessions in the future. "

"Peter was brilliant at finding out what our individual requirements were and tailoring elements of the course to us. The ready-made examples were incredibly useful. "

"Peter is really great and patient - and he knows everything!"

"venue, hospitality, ensuring everyone was on track and everyone had all of their questions answered. staff really looked after everyone. Good teaching. "

"the welcoming staff in the morning were great, Vaida (sorry if that's spelt wrong!) was very welcoming and put me at ease when I arrived. The size of the groups was great and I felt I had plenty of space to ask questions when things were unclear. Vicki provided real-life examples and projects for us to work on, so I know this will sink in better than just abstract concepts. Would love to do more courses with you."

"Vicki was great - really personable and kept showing really relevant websites and examples. Good to take away the files we working on so we could use them for future work. Lunch was great - really nice change to have healthy options that were different to sandwiches! And good to have so many regular breaks when working at a computer for such long periods, with lovely teas and biscuits to keep us going. Overall felt like a very relaxed environment to learn in, not intimidating at all. Very friendly welcome from Maria and Vaida in the mornings."

"Vicki was EXCELLENT. Her teaching style was very thorough, easy to follow, and relevant to real life ways in which I will be using InDesign. No question was too much and she was happy to answer anything or repeat sections that people hadn't quite followed. I liked that we had set projects to work through that utilised all the points we had to learn. I've previously done the Intermediate Illustrator training and there were no set projects, just flowing through the curriculum, which didn't sink into my head as well! The projects in this course made this much easier to follow and understand, and it was useful to see how the could be applied in real life. Couldn't recommend Vicki enough. The centre was wonderfully welcoming and clean and the food was delicious! Maria and Vaida were such lovely hosts, so friendly and welcoming. The other hosts whose names I didn't catch were also wonderfully friendly and helpful."

"A really good and highly enjoyable 2-day course. Maria and Vaida were both very welcoming on arrival at the centre. Refreshments and lunch were top notch. The quality of the training was excellent, our trainer Vicki was extremely knowledgeable and lots of fun. There were plenty of opportunities to practice the skills being taught, and I've learned a great deal about InDesign that I'm looking forward to putting into practice on future projects. I thoroughly recommend."

"Amazing welcome from Maria and Vida. Vicki was very accommodating when anyone fell behind, the pace of training was good, and I appreciated all the advice and tips from her. Very valuable to have the files set up with paragraph and character styles preset to export to our work files.!"

"Maria and Vaida are very welcoming when you arrive in the mornings and throughout the day. The learning environment is comfortable and relaxed, and refreshments are excellent. Vicki was a patient and incredibly knowledgeable tutor with lots of enthusiasm, and she made the course fun. Highly recommended!"

"Very friendly and efficient"

"The trainers knowledge was very good, she was able to answer all questions that the group and I threw at her."

"Everything, I wish I could come here every day"

"Honestly I've never been happier with a training day in my life. Everything was accounted for and Vicki had boundless knowledge about every single topic we asked about. She was incredibly concise, insightful, attentive and went at a pace that everyone could keep up with. I will definitely recommend this training to a friend or company with glowing feedback! I want to come back every single day. Also, that lunch is genuinely unparalleled. SO DELICIOUS. Thank you to everyone involved for setting this up and running it and making it so enjoyable! :) "

"everything was great! really enjoyed the training"

"A brilliant trainer - super friendly and knowledgeable. Vicki made us all feel at ease and relaxed. Genuinely couldn't be more impressed with the quality of your service. Keep up the great work and thanks!"

"Friendly staff, very knowledgeable trainer, great food in particular the gluten free food was much appreciated! "

"Another great course. Vicki is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Refreshments were excellent."

"Great overview and really helpful examples"

"Knowledge, hospitality, food!"

"Very patient and willing to go over things more than once!"

"Very organised "