What Skills Should I Learn to Make Money in 2021?

What Skills Should I Learn to Make Money in 2021?

The deepest recession since World War II, a tumultuous journey into Brexit, the Coronavirus pandemic, and a sharp increase in unemployment: 2020 was a year everyone would love to forget. 

With more than nine million jobs getting furloughed, it was no surprise when Google revealed that among the most popular searches in 2020 were ‘unemployment’ and ‘stimulus checks’.  Whereas, TikTok became the main social media source on how to make money from home. Top videos had millions of views and users would spend hours browsing for more ideas on side hustles and passive income. Users were anxious to make extra money while being stuck at home.

Currently, there are 1.69 unemployed people in the UK alone and economists warn that these figures could rise even more. It leaves many people asking themselves “what’s next?” or “what job should I apply for?”.  With many businesses putting recruitment freezes in place, the UK job market became more competitive than ever. There’s mounting pressure on job seekers to diversify their skillset and make sure their CV stands out from the crowd.

Here are the skills you need if you want to know how to make money at home in 2021 or to make you an attractive candidate for well paid, in-demand roles:


Graphic Designers are not the only people who benefit from having design skills. If you have basic software knowledge and a creative eye,  job opportunities are endless. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or any other free software such as Canva are a few design skills that will help you earn as much as £200 per day as a freelancer. 

According to the LinkedIn report, UX Design skills is one of the current top five in-demand skills and is projected to become even more popular over the years. By putting the user in the driving seat, understanding their needs, and giving them a positive experience is more important now than ever. Due to the international skills shortage, employers are paying salaries of anywhere up to £100,000pa to hire professional UX designers.


Data Analyst, Software Developer, Cloud Engineer, and more: these are very few examples of jobs in coding that companies are currently looking to hire. The industry is booming and candidates with skills in HTML, Javascript, XML, and Python are in high demand. With that, salaries for coding professionals in the UK can reach up to £800 per day or even £150,000pa.

Video Editing & Filming

According to Cisco, by 2022 video content searches will represent almost 82% of the whole traffic. Learning how to shoot with a DSLR or film with a smartphone is now an essential skill for creating engaging video content. Learning how to edit using industry-standard software such as After Effects or Adobe Premiere will increase your prospects in any content-related role/work. Once you’ve mastered any of these skills, you will be able to create valuable content for any online and social media platforms. A video editor with years of experience can charge up to £500 per day.

Digital Marketing

This term covers a variety of fields where you will definitely be able to find one that peaks your interest: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce, and more. Once you’ve mastered any of these skills, you will be able to find plenty of job opportunities. In the UK there are Digital Marketing Managers earning up to £70,000 pa, while Marketing Assistants doing tasks such as managing social media calendar, creating blogs, managing email campaigns and more can earn up to £35,000 pa.


The ability to create a well-written piece of content and prove your outstanding copywriting skills are a must when you are working in a content-related department. Whether you want to become a Social Media Manager, Marketing Manager, Editor, or Copywriter, training, and practice are needed to make you an ideal candidate for the job. If you are looking for a job where you can work from home and only need a laptop, WiFi, and your creative mind,  copywriting might be a good option. Senior freelance copywriters with years of experience can charge up to £2,000 per day. 

If you are looking for more upskilling opportunities, check out our wide range of courses and find the best one that suits your needs. At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of achievement that is recognised as a benchmark of skills by some of the UK’s biggest brands. The courses are taught by the best industry experts in the UK and received a 99.7% recommendation rating from thousands of learners.

by Anna McConachie | 10 Mar 21

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