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What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is the process of buying and selling products and services online. It covers three main areas which are electronic markets, online retailing and online auctions.

What are the top five learning outcomes of our Ecommerce course?

This one-day Ecommerce training course covers the fundamentals of a truly successful Ecommerce website. It will take you through the customer journey from the moment they land on your homepage to the final conversion step. We will teach you the Ecommerce tools and skills necessary to ensure your users will get the most valuable online shopping experience. Here is what to expect from our Ecommerce course:

Create an engaging homepage. You can improve customer’s experience by creating quality content with an attractive design. Throughout the Ecommerce course you will learn to choose the right imagery, which will complement the perfect product description.
Drive sales through your product pages. The content on your product page is the most effective way to convert your users. This course will teach you the best ways to increase your sales through these key pages.
Create a checkout experience that’s successful. With different payment processors you have to keep up with the most reliable option for your customer as well as ensure an easy checkout experience. We will help you to analyze the reasons why people abandon baskets right before checkout, and how to improve this.
Understand which Ecommerce platform is best.The amount of Ecommerce platforms available is overwhelming, but which one is the best for your business? We will teach you the difference and which option will align with your business objectives and strategy.
Improve your sales conversion rates. Understanding your audience and creating targeted content will help to increase customer engagement and, as a result, improve the conversion.

How much do Ecommerce training courses cost?

Media Training strives for the best combination of professional, expert trainers, comprehensive course outlines, modern, relaxing environment, convenient location and a healthy, free lunch. Therefore, our competitive prices are adjusted to reflect this and give you the best return on investment.

You need no previous digital marketing experience required to attend this course.

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One to one tuition or a private group with just your colleagues. Your choice of duration, content and location. We can train at one of our centres or onsite with you wherever you are located.

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Course Outline

  • Understanding Ecommerce Principles
    • Creating the perfectly optimised homepage
    • Great Ecommerce design principles
    • From banners to beyond
    • Sharing your store's story in a second
    • Understanding your target audience
    • Which Ecommerce Platform is best?

    Product Pages that Sell
    • Category to Product pages
    • The product information hierarchy - what information should go where?
    • Writing the perfect product description
    • The importance of imagery
    • Upselling
    • Using recommendations to increase conversions
    • How video can increase conversions
    • SEO best practices
    • Why simple is best
  • Making the Sale
    • Best Practices for Checkout pages
    • One Click Checkouts
    • Choosing and Using Payment Processors
    • Understanding SSL
    • Assessing and managing abandoned baskets

    Content Matters
    • Using language to increase conversions throughout the site
    • How to increase loyalty and engagement
    • How quality content can increase conversions

    Protecting your Customer and Yourself
    • Protecting your customer data
    • A basic understanding of GDPR and Cookie messaging
    • The essential legal information to include on your site
    • Defining a returns policy
    • Using Email subscriptions and rewards
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"keeping the environment and training running in a safe way even with covid-19 emergency practical exercises "

"Generally a good friendly atmosphere and nice pace"

"Simplifying quite complicated topics. Easy to follow. Plenty of time allowed to ask questions. Small sized group so a lot of 1-1 support"

"Trainer was great"

"Very engaging trainer"

"One of the best trainers I've met so far. She has a drive, amazing experience and knowledge in the field. I've got great insights and practical examples on different theoretical terms that I've learnt. Very useful course for people interested in launching in ecommerce."