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Google Analytics Intro | Training Course

Analyse your website traffic data effectively to improve conversions.
Understand your users' behaviour to align your digital marketing strategy and budget.


Google Analytics Intro | Training Course

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Course Takeaways

What will I learn?

  • Understand the interface
  • Analyse website traffic data
  • About the flow of visitors
  • Understand your users' behaviour
  • Which webpages are successful
  • Free digital course assets
  • Free post-course helpdesk support
Course Takeaways
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  • Average Score 4.8 out of 5
  • Delicious lunch provided
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 328 reviews

Understanding the Analytics Environment

• How analytics works

• Why Google wants you to use analytics

• Understanding the admin section – the analytics engine room

• Installing analytics (Quick overview)

Welcome to the Home Dashboard

• Understanding how google segments information

• Different types of data

• Filtering by date

• Moving through dashboards

• Creating and finding annotations

• Why we don’t use real-time data / When we could (implementation test through browser)

The Who of Analytics

• Who are your visitors?

• Creating a profile of your audience

• Understanding and improving your ‘sticky’ figures (key metrics review and examples)

• Using basic demographics information

Acquisition and Behaviour - Where and What

• Where does your traffic come from?

• Who needs to use which dashboard?

• Which traffic sources work best for you

• Understanding SEO and PPC traffic differences

• What does your traffic do? (Trainer note: User flows)

• Identifying your sites best and worst performing pages

• Different ways of tracking links using analytics

Identifying Conversions and Goals

• Understanding conversions

• Identifying conversion

• How to create simple goals

• Creating and sharing reports – who needs to know?

• Using dashboards – custom dashboards

Questions and answers

  Course Dates Venue   Price  
London Bridge £249 + VAT save £100
London Bridge £299 + VAT save £50
Online £349 + VAT
London Bridge £349 + VAT

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"Tailoring to specific needs"
22nd December - Google Analytics : Introduction

Latest Reviews

"I thought it was excellent - I especially liked that Simon showed examples that were really relevant to all of the participants, and that he presented info in a few different ways (showing us the platform, getting us to complete tasks on the platform, drawing on a whiteboard)"
38 Degrees
  • 17th August

"Simon Pointer had a great deal of knowledge and passion for the subject and was exceptionally good at conveying complex notions."
  • 13th July

"The session was very informative and covered all of the necessary areas"
  • 28th April