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Javascript Courses | Classroom or Live Online

Master this core language that all web developers should know.
Gain practical experience working with coding experts to advance your Javascript skills.


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Javascript Course          

JavaScript is one of the three core languages web developers should know, it programs the behaviour of web pages giving your users a rich and responsive experience. Our JavaScript courses are practical and hands-on to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.

All of our Javascript courses are led by experts in the industry who are passionate about providing you with inspiring Javascript courses, so you know you are in safe hands.

Pick your Javascript course below to find out more.

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JavaScript Intro          

from £329 + VAT

2 day course
Learn Javascript to add powerful interactivity to your web projects.

This course is the perfect introduction to developing in JavaScript.

  • JavaScript Client-side and server-side
    Interactive coding environment
    Programming logic and syntax made simple
    Variables Declarations, types, console logs
    DOM manipulation and debugging techniques
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JavaScript Adv          

from £379 + VAT

2 day course
Build on your existing JavaScript knowledge with this advanced course.

Learn to write more efficient, scalable, and maintainable code.

  • Mastering variables
    Harnessing the power of ECMAScript
    Unlocking the potential of objects
    Enhancing interactivity with event listeners
    Leveraging JSON for data handling
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Javascript Bespoke

Custom Javascript Courses
Looking for Javascript training for your team? Or perhaps a 1-2-1 course with an expert trainer?

We can focus any of our courses exclusively on you or your team's needs. You can choose the location either online, at our London Bridge centre or your choice of venue.
  • Dedicated Course Organiser
    Flexible Group Sizes
    Face to Face Or Live Online
    Expert Javascript tuition
    Bespoke Javascript Content

"Had a great experience at Media Training - our trainer Iwan was very knowledgable and made tricky concepts easy to understand. Staff were also very friendly and facilities were clean."
21st November - JavaScript : Introduction

Latest Reviews

"Great at tailoring the class' pace to the abilities of those on the call - mistakes didn't feel like mistakes, but teaching opportunities instead."
Scott Dunn
  • 8th March

"Good at going through examples slowly, checking people's code when it didn't work and problem-solving. Also it felt like a nice slow pace but we covered a lot in the time."
University Of Exeter
  • 4th March

"Great instruction and never felt like I couldn't ask a question."
Bird & Bird
  • 4th March