InDesign Training Courses

InDesign Training Courses

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An Indesign training course at the UK's largest Adobe Authorised Training Centre is the ideal way to begin developing your document design skills.

Indesign training courses help you learn to be proficient in Adobe's most popular page layout software, which is used to create printed publications such as magazines, posters and marketing materials.

Practical, real-world exercises feature heavily in all our Indesign courses, so whether you are new to Adobe InDesign and need courses that help you get to grips with the software or you use it everyday and want an expert to show you how to get the most out of it, we have the perfect Indesign training course for you.

Need to know more before you choose? Give us call if you would like to discuss your needs in more depth.

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   Creating Accessible PDFs
   InDesign Advanced
   InDesign Creating ePubs
   InDesign Editorial
   InDesign for Typography
   InDesign Interactive
   InDesign Intermediate
   InDesign Introduction
   InDesign Fast Track

We know training inside out. We can advise you on all the options to make sure you get the best possible course.

Tell us you need to cancel more than 7 days before your course and there's no charge. Great for your peace of mind.

Our trainers bring their years of industry experience into the classroom. You'll leave confident and prepared.

The smallest class size in the industry. More one on one time with the trainer and a less intimidating group size.

Tell us which you use and it'll be booted up and waiting with the latest software when you arrive.

We provide a lovely onsite lunch so you can relax. We can cater for any dietary requirement with no fuss.

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We've worked very hard over the last 20 years to grow our business through personal recommendations.

When you attend a course we ask you to tell us how it went. We use your feedback to help us improve our courses.

We publish all our customer satisfaction stats live on our site (good or bad) because we want everyone to know just how highly you rate us every day, every week and every year.

We know that choosing the best course can be difficult, maybe the thoughts of the 20121 other clients we've asked will give you the inspiration to join us too.

The most recent comments from attendees of our courses are shown below. We reckon they will give you a pretty good indication of how they think we perform.

  Client Ratings

Attendees surveyed 20121
  Trainer Knowledge 9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials 9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation 9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score 9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch 9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff 9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score 9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience 9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us 99.7%

  Most Recent Comments

"Trainer explained everything incredibly well."

"friendly and attentive staff and trainers, created and facilitated a informative working environment. Great lunch "

"The course was really useful"

"Organisation of booking onto course, very organised sessions, looking after all students and teaching is very good, "

"Answering questions and demystifying"

"excellent communicating and being very friendly "

"This was my first training course of this kind. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Peter our InDesign trainer was fantastic, very knowledgeable and patient. The centre is very welcoming and the refreshments fantastic. I would highly recommend the course to a friend/colleague. It was a joy to learn a new skill for a couple of days with a brilliant group of people. The format of the day is great as the breaks give you an opportunity to step back and give your brain a moment to think over what you have learnt. Thank you!"

"I really liked the course, trainer was amazing - explained everything at the right pace, and in the way that everyone could understand. I got exactly what I expected from the course and more. Lunch and refreshments were also lovely!"

"Engagement and efficiency when booking the course."

"The variety and frequency of courses. Very friendly environment!"

"lovely atmosphere, really friendly staff and i loved the music playing over break times - good taste! :)"

"Personal advice based on what we said we were interested in learning. Thorough and detailed training - not too fast for anyone in the group. Really nice centre with great food and facilities."

"Amazing interactivity, good follow through examples. "

"Course was well planned and each part lead nicely onto the next, slowly building a foundation before moving onto the more complex parts. Always made sure the whole class was at the same point and took time to answer any questions presented. Excellent, interesting and enjoyable course. Lunch, coffee and biscuits provided were plentiful and welcome. "

"Always very prepared"

"Really helpful trainer - clear and precise when going over each step. covered a wide range of everything on the software. "

"Great teacher/tutor and very friendly staff at the complex."

"Really clear, concise and at an appropriate pace"

"Everything - From the training to the lunch and organisation of the course, it was brilliant."

"Teaching method very sound and well structured. Essentials covered. It's just practice from here."

"Basically everything! Very welcoming staff and interesting course with excellent tutor."

"Answering questions, explaining why things were laid out the way they were and how they worked. Was an excellent course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. "

"Making sure that the training was relevant, extremely helpful, yet not overwhelming. AWESOME."

"a really nice place to learn how to use indesign - an enjoyable two days!"

"Approachable trainer and interactive / informal style. I felt able to ask lots of questions and got good support. Great lunch & snacks too! Thank you."

"Matt was very patient and explained everything very vividly. "

"Friendly staff and great course"

"The course was very good and covered a lot and done very well. Staff always friendly. "

"Everything was explained in very good depth, at a good pace. Overall a very useful course."

"very organised. trainer went at the right pace and went over things to remind us over the 2 days"

"Food and service was excellent, PC's were fantastic and easy to see and trainer was very knowledgeable and went at a very good pace that was not too quick for beginners "

"The training session was great, really good pace, and for a beginner this has given me a good start and basis to learn and crack on using InDesign myself. Would recommend to a friend. "

"Genuinely nothing I could fault, it has been one of the first beginner courses I have been on that I have felt like the information given to me was not delivered as assumed knowledge. My instructor was brilliant, the staff around the break/lunch area were amazing, the food is amazing. Overall pretty faltless."

"good hospitality, knowledge of course material and sme."

"Very knowledgeable and worked at a good pace so everyone could keep up."