Learner Reviews For Deva

"Trainer - very engaging, like his style, very inclusive. He was also really informative but kept it interesting. The group was also very engaged which made it a great day. The food was really good and the staff working here were really friendly and helpful."
Commission For Countering Extremism
  • 27th July - Classroom
  • Expert - Deva

"Everything was great but I especially enjoyed the exercises (persona and repurposing content) - they were super relevant! Deva's insights and feedback were very on-point and he really accurately responded to our specifics needs and challenges. The small class size was amazing because we were able to focus in on our (as my classmate called it) "bespoke" goals and brainstorm effectively. Definitely the best online training I've ever taken :-)."
CentralNic PLC
  • 19th July - Online
  • Expert - Deva