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Personal Development Courses | Classroom or Live Online

We offer a selection of effective courses on personal development and self improvement.
Each course was developed to help you realise and maximise your potential.


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Time Management          

from £429 + VAT

1 day course
Take control of your day by managing your time effectively and efficiently.

Learn how to identify your goals and prioritise your time to make them happen.

  • Understanding how you work
    Setting personal and business goals
    Setting clear objectives
    Prioritising your day
    Managing time bandits and interruptions
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Good Communication          

from £399 + VAT

1 day course
Being able to communicate effectively is an essential skill in any working environment.

Develop the skills to influence others, build valuable relationships and manage conflict.

  • Understand non-verbal cues
    Techniques for effective communication
    Influence outcomes through positivity
    Provide constructive feedback
    Managing challenging situations
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Professional Telephone Skills

from £399 + VAT

1 day course
Create a positive first impression and communicate effectively when using the telephone.

Learn how to establish excellent relationships with your callers.

  • Listening to your tone of voice
    Tried and tested telephone techniques
    Prepare and make a positive impact
    What not to say
    Building a rapport with your caller
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Team Working          

from £429 + VAT

1 day course
Develop collaborative teamworking skills to forge better working relationships.

Be part of a positive, motivated team working together to achieve the same goal.

  • Team leaders' roles and responsibilities
    What makes a balanced team?
    Setting clear objectives and expectations
    Developing effective communication skills
    Ways to resolve conflicts
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Customer Service          

from £429 + VAT

1 day course
Our course will give you the tools to deliver exceptional customer service.

Learn the skills you need to keep your customers happy.

  • Assessing situations effectively
    Recognising potential conflicts and challenges
    Mastering good communication skills
    Developing assertiveness for difficult situations
    Finding resolutions and influencing customers
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Stress Management          

from £429 + VAT

1 day course
Learn to recognise stress triggers in your life and work and how to address them proactively.

Take part in practical exercises to learn practical and effective coping strategies.

  • Understanding stress and its effects
    Identifying personal stress factors
    Coping strategies for work and home
    Managing stress levels
    Creating a personalised stress action plan
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from £429 + VAT

1 day course
Learn effective communication techniques to express yourself confidently.

Make your voice heard and build positive relationships
  • Recognise different assertiveness styles
    Assess and improve your own communication style
    Use positive body language to influence perceptions
    Effectively express yourself in discussions
    Confidently handle challenging situations
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Conflict Resolution          

from £399 + VAT

1 day course
Understand what triggers conflict and how to resolve difficult situations.

Learn how to strengthen relationships and improve wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Key conflict components and stages
    Emotional Intelligence's role in conflict
    Self-awareness and management in conflict
    Effective negotiation techniques
    Effective conflict resolution techniques
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Personal Development Bespoke

Custom Personal Development Courses
Looking for Personal Development training for your team? Or perhaps a 1-2-1 course with an expert trainer?

We can focus any of our courses exclusively on you or your team's needs. You can choose the location either online, at our London Bridge centre or your choice of venue.
  • Dedicated Course Organiser
    Flexible Group Sizes
    Face to Face Or Live Online
    Expert Personal Development tuition
    Bespoke Personal Development Content

"Michael was great at creating and bringing tangible examples to showcase the training models."
Formula 1
10th July - Good Communication

Latest Reviews

"I think Michael was a fantastic course leader. He was very engaging, insightful and informative. I think there was a good balance of course content to take away. Michael provided good examples and delivered the course in a way that was easy to take in."
  • 10th July

"Course content was clear and relevant. It was well delivered and the trainer kept the group well engaged. The sessions group was small and we had opportunity to feed into the discussion."
HS1 Ltd
  • 10th July

"This was my 3rd visit to Media Training, and I never leave disappointed. Michael created a lovely learning environment and gave me an insightful introduction to assertiveness. I was lucky enough to be the only person in the class so was able to ask all my questions and have personalised advice. I now have lots of practical tips and things to think about when approaching being more assertive in the future."
King's College London
  • 28th June