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Personal Development Courses | Classroom or Live Online

We offer a selection of effective courses on personal development and self improvement.
Each course was developed to help you realise and maximise your potential.


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Time Management          

from £379 + VAT

1 day course
Take control of your day by managing your time effectively and efficiently.

Our experts will help you clarify goals and objectives and prioritise them accordingly.

  • Setting goals
    Efficient planning
    Prioritising activities
    Saying no
    Keeping an activities log
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Good Communication          

from £349 + VAT

1 day course
Being able to communicate effectively is an essential skills in any working environment.

Develop the skills to influence others, build relationships, manage conflicts and more.

  • Principles of communication
    Improve existing skills
    Assertive, positive and influential
    Give constructive feedback
    Communicating with difficult people
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Professional Telephone Skills

from £ + VAT

1 day course
Create a positive first impression and communicate effectively when using the telephone.

Learn the different set of skills required when not communicating face-to-face.

  • Sound confident and helpful
    Analysing your phone manner
    Screening calls
    Building a rapport
    Taking messages
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Team Working          

from £379 + VAT

1 day course
Develop collaborative teamworking skills to forge better working relationships.

Be part of a positive, motivated team working together to achieve the same goal.

  • Define effective teams
    Roles in a team
    Setting objectives
    Team leadership
    Effective communication
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Customer Service          

from £379 + VAT

1 day course
Learn how to resolve the challenges that difficult customers and stressful situations create.

Gain the confidence to reach a positive resolution that will keep customer happy.

  • What is a difficult customer?
    Assess the situation and challenges
    Good communication
    Develop your assertiveness
    Find a resolution
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Stress Management          

from £329 + VAT

1 day course
Learn all about stress and the different ways you can manage and reduce it.

Take part in practical exercises to learn coping strategies to use at work and home.

  • Understanding what stress is
    Recognising personal stress
    Coping strategies
    Building resilience
    A stress action plan
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from £329 + VAT

1 day course
Learn to make your voice heard and control your emotions.

Become assertive, persuasive and communicate messages confidently to your team.

  • Persuasive and communication skills
    Overcome anxiety and apprehension
    Use positive language
    Say no with confidence
    Manage difficult people/situations
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Conflict Resolution          

from £329 + VAT

1 day course
Understand the triggers of conflict and how reactions can resolve or provoke a situation.

Minimise both the damage to relationships and the loss of productivity in the workplace.

  • Where conflict may occur
    Using emotional intelligence
    Verbal and non-verbal communication
    Identifying causes of conflict
    Managing conflict solutions
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Personal Development Bespoke

from £499 + VAT per day

Custom Personal Development Courses
Looking for Personal Development training for your team? Or perhaps a 1-2-1 course with an expert trainer?

We can focus any of our courses exclusively on you or your team's needs. You can choose the location either online, at our London Bridge centre or your choice of venue.
  • Dedicated Course Organiser
    Flexible Group Sizes
    Face to Face Or Live Online
    Expert Personal Development tuition
    Bespoke Personal Development Content

"Great delivery of course, great trainer, good environment and course set up. Hopefully will return for further courses in the future."
The Church Of England
16th January - Assertiveness

Latest Reviews

"Lovely place and trainer, and relevant, meaningful discussion. Smaller group allowed for more effective and personalised experience, and for advice and sharing to occur between other people in attendance as well as between myself and the trainer."
Association Of British Insurers
  • 24th October

"I particularly appreciated the warm welcome from everyone right from the start, and the way the trainer made the course content really tailored and bespoke. Fantastic setting and premises too, and delicious lunch."
National Trust
  • 19th August

"This is the second course that I have attended and the venue is perfect for learning. F&B is fantastic. Good selection of courses available and looking forward to coming back in June for Time Management."
Kent Golf Limited
  • 23rd May