Learner Reviews For Craig

"Really professional and went into a lot of detail for what I need."
JBA Consulting
  • 12th February - Classroom
  • Expert - Craig

"Excellent at engaging the group and finding relevant examples to our day-to-day work. Thank you Craig!"
Stonegate Group
  • 19th December - Online
  • Expert - Craig

"Trainer was excellent and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. I would love to do similar training here again."
  • 15th December - Classroom
  • Expert - Craig

"Amazing staff, very friendly and trainer very knowledgable"
Cherry Advertising
  • 23rd November - Classroom
  • Expert - Craig

"Direct in-person facilitation allowing learners to ask questions and practise the skills of the course in real time."
UK Parliament UK
  • 3rd November - Classroom
  • Expert - Craig

"A very pleasant, friendly and welcoming environment. The food was great as was the location. Craig was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the course very much."
  • 21st August - Classroom
  • Expert - Craig

"Excellent course, really informative and great teacher in Craig. enjoyable and interesting."
Scripture Union
  • 2nd May - Classroom
  • Expert - Craig