Business Benefits of Learning Photoshop

Business Benefits of Learning Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for many people within their roles. From attention-grabbing blog images to engaging social media graphics, there are countless ways the software can make a hugely positive impact on your business. Here are 6 ways that Photoshop can benefit your business:

What is the advantage of learning Photoshop?

Creative control over marketing materials

You know how important marketing materials are for supporting your company's message. However, timewise and from a financial perspective outsourcing them can be an unnecessary expense. Paying to attend a Photoshop course; allows you to save money and time as well as regain creative control over the messages you’re sending out to the public. 

Photoshop improves your social media content

Images are the most shared content in the social media world. It’s in our nature to communicate visually and use professional-looking graphics to tell a story. Doing social media marketing the right way will enable you to cut through the digital noise and stand out, increasing your engagement and improving brand awareness. You can use Photoshop to edit and enhance your images as well as create graphics to support your content marketing strategy. 

It helps you with sales

As well as reigning supreme on social media, images are a necessity for ecommerce companies. The perceived value of your product is often judged by the quality of your web design, which includes your images. Editing your product photography shots to make them look like the best on the market will encourage people to make a purchase. 

Streamlined Communication

Using mismatched documents makes your company look unprofessional. A brand is how your client perceives you and every client-faced element that they interact with has a big influence on this. Unified communication provides a positive and recognisable link between staff and the company, sending a consistent message to your audience. You can make a big impact with something as small as adding a logo and branded typeface. 

Perform Magic

The possibilities of Photoshop software are endless. You can edit photos, remove/add unwanted objects from your background, resize images for social media, straighten and crop images and add special effects. 

The diversity of Photoshop also allows you to create and re-design your marketing materials, from letterheads to brochures. There really aren’t any limits to what you can do.  

Meet and exceed job skill requirements

In today’s competitive climate, if you want to progress in your career you have to stand out as a valuable candidate. Photoshop skills may not be a key requirement, but it is definitely a skill that impresses employers. Learning Adobe Photoshop opens your role up to creative projects and gives you the ability to take on interesting tasks that you may have had to turn down in the past, making you a valuable asset to the company. 

What careers use Photoshop?

There has been a huge rise in the number of traditionally administrative roles where some element of design skill is now a requirement. These skills are becoming as relevant as using a spreadsheet or Microsoft Word. Especially when administrative roles are expanding into areas such as social media or content creation. Other careers that use Photoshop include but are not limited to graphic designers, photographers, web developers, marketing managers, art directors, and more. The career opportunities are endless.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, Photoshop is a great place to start learning about design and visual communication. If you want to gain hands-on, practical experience, being taught by some of the top designers in the UK then take a look at our Photoshop courses. Master new techniques and discover your creative potential.

What should I learn after Photoshop?

If you’ve mastered Photoshop and are eager to improve your skills further, Adobe offers a wide range of design courses. You can complete a trinity by learning Illustrator and InDesign, both are highly used in the publishing, print, and online industries.

by Cristina Moraru | 22 Feb 21

3 Interesting Courses For You

Photoshop Adv          

from £279 + VAT

1 day course
Become a power-user and harness the full power and potential of Photoshop.

Learn techniques from experts to produce stunning, professional images.

  • Power user shortcuts
    Colour adjustment techniques
    Adv selection techniques
    Adv layer techniques
    Poweruser tips

Photoshop Intermediate

from £349 + VAT

2 day course
Work smarter in Photoshop, master new techniques and realise your creative potential.

The perfect course for building on your existing Photoshop skills.

  • Tone and colour refinements
    Creative use of layers
    Brush techniques
    More efficient workflow
    One-to-one time with trainer

Photoshop Intro

from £329 + VAT

2 day course
Produce and edit powerful images that meet professional industry standards.

Workshop your new skills with guidance from photography and graphic design experts.

  • Photoshop's interface and workflow
    How to work with Layers
    Tone and colour correction
    Image retouching techniques
    Filters to add special effects