New Rules of Social Media Marketing to Follow in 2022

New Rules of Social Media Marketing to Follow in 2022

How Will Digital Marketing Change In 2022?

New trends in technology such as automation, voice activation, and artificial intelligence demand marketers go beyond their strategies, think outside the box and be a few steps ahead of their customers.

Like a game of attrition, only the most powerful and innovative ideas can survive. At the same time, 2020's events forced businesses to adjust their digital marketing strategies. Thankfully, there are many opportunities to challenge your creativity. One of the tools that can help you reach millions of users, improve brand engagement and generate leads is social media.

What Is The Most Popular Social Media?

Research suggests that in 2020 more than 70% of people spent more time on social media than ever. As lockdowns made people spend most of their time indoors, businesses realised how crucial it is to maintain their online presence and stay social. 

Many brands wouldn't have been able to survive the pandemic if it wasn't for their social media platforms. More people were shopping online, creating posts, sharing stories, and interacting with their friends, families, influencers, and businesses they liked.

However, as a business, you should be aware of which platform you should focus your resources on and how to approach that audience. Here are the top five social media apps that dominated and will be popular this year:

  • Facebook. The social giant has almost 3 billion active users per month, which is a huge market for your products or services. But regardless of this large database, Facebook became less popular among younger generations. Remember to consider your user persona and how they virtually interact.
  • Instagram. With Instagram Reels generating thousands of views in a short amount of time, this platform has a high potential to help you grow your followers. It's been one of the most-used social media apps and given its filters and video creations, it's one of the most interactive platforms.
  • Twitter. If you're in a media outlet or customer service, Twitter is the primary point of contact. Even with a short lifespan, a Tweet can help you get an instant response. Only susceptible businesses will be able to keep up and make this social media profitable, so it's essential to use it accordingly.
  • TikTok. This platform broke the record with its organic reach. Global brands started to create short videos to showcase their products, employees' daily lives, and behind-the-scenes stories. From the beginning TikTok already made a trend called ‘TikTok challenge' and there's still plenty of potential growth.
  • YouTube. As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube became one of the best friends for SEO specialists. If your business focuses on organic search, this platform offers many opportunities to add tags and change descriptions/titles.

What Are The New Rules Of Social Media Marketing?

Don't Ignore A Certain Generation.

Marketers have a set strategy to target a specific age group through specific advertising means. For example, for many years companies were reaching to baby boomers via newspapers and TV ads, which is not the case anymore. More baby boomers spend their time on social media to find the latest discounts from their favourite stores or read reviews about a product or service.

With that in mind, marketers should look at other targeting opportunities and build their strategy based on how tech-savvy people are.

Focus On User Experience (UX).

A business can acquire new customers when they're able to deliver a unique digital experience. If you create compelling content and an easy user journey through your social media channels, the outcome will go beyond your expectations.

Show That Your Brand Cares.

Sticking together, supporting small businesses and minorities took a huge surge in 2020. It all started with user-generated content that made companies react in a way they wouldn't do before. Public posts on social media about Black Lives Matter and boycotting social media for a day were some viral actions. It showed that brands adapt to people's beliefs leading to a better world.

Use The Power Of Content.

The pandemic made people interact with each other more and less with brands. Some companies pulled back on advertising and started focusing more on engagement, content creation, and crisis response. In 2022, marketers will use social media to share more content and as a goal, to engage the most passive users. If you think that content creation takes too much of your time, there is always an alternative - hiring a digital marketing agency can help you a lot but don't forget to supervise the process in order to make the most out of it."

Integrate Social Data Into Systems.

Marketers should start connecting the social media data with their customer data. Research says that 85% of the companies that are able to do so can achieve a more accurate social media ROI.

What Is The Future Of Social Media Marketing?

Social media plays an important part in any digital marketing strategy. Think of how live video, chatbots, and influencer marketing can have an impact on your business development. It is essential to be transparent and build trust with your customers, which opens many opportunities for the future. 

If you consider learning useful techniques to build your brand and gain skills to create effective campaigns, our social media marketing courses can fit all your business needs.

by Cristina Moraru | 27 Sep 23

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