Effective Ways To Improve Your Video Email Marketing Efforts

Effective Ways To Improve Your Video Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing is still a useful strategy these days. It connects brands with their audience through personalised messages. However, sending a full-plain text email won't result in high engagement and click-through rates. Instead of taking an interest in your message, they may click the unsubscribe button right away. 

Sending marketing emails needs to be thought out and planned with creative flair. When you provide informative yet engaging content in your email, your audience will more likely appreciate your approach. They will find your email useful as they get information for free.

In contrast, if your email sounds too salesy and is pushing your product or service too much with no other information, this could have your audience flagging it with the spam flag. Therefore, you need the right content to improve your email marketing efforts.

One of the best methods to improve your email marketing campaigns is to add video content. Video content that's personalised to your email campaign to engage your audience is recommended.

Why use videos in email marketing campaigns?

Videos are the most engaged with the content. They make up 82% of internet traffic in 2021, making them the biggest content surfacing on the web. With this data, it's evident that people love watching this type of content. Including this in your marketing strategy will improve your audience engagement.

A strategy using video to promote your brand is called video marketing. This marketing technique utilises the compelling nature of a video to capture the audience's attention in a short time. As a result, people can be easily hooked on learning about your business without becoming bored.

Many types of video marketing are used for different purposes. When you aim to raise awareness, an explainer video is best to implement as it can convey the brand's message concisely. Not to mention its animated characters are able to entertain the audience with simplified messages. 

Adding videos in your email marketing can bring you lots of benefits in elevating your business, including:

Attracts attention

Video content can capture attention in a short time. Unlike other types of content, videos offer a fast-delivering message with the help of images and narrations. As a result, many opt for videos when they want to receive new information rather than spending time understanding an article. 

Pulls more traffic

When you put a video link in your email marketing, you have a higher chance of getting more traffic from this campaign alone. Receivers will visit your page in order to watch your video, as embedding won't be a good option. That way, you can generate direct traffic to your site from your email campaign. 

Increases conversion rates 

Email marketing is an effective way to improve conversions in a short time. The reason is that you send personalized messages directly to your leads. These leads can visit the landing page that you provide in your email. 

Your video marketing will provide useful information that leads visitors to take the desired action. They can immediately click on the call-to-action (CTA) button without leaving it to another site.

Five ways to use videos in your email marketing efforts

Adding video marketing to your email campaign is essential to increase engagement. Receivers often don't engage with a message when they don't find it interesting at first. This will hinder you from getting closed deals from email campaigns. 

Therefore, including video content can significantly help you raise more conversions in a short time. Here's how you can do it.

1. Use videos in the email subject line

When you disclose the word videos in your email subject, people will be more intrigued to open the message. The reason being that videos offer a different experience compared to textual content. People will have some sort of expectation towards the video itself, hence checking the message. 

Some people are tired of traditional emails with just text and images and expect more from the businesses they subscribe to. Often, receivers don't care that much about getting promotional emails because they “knew what the content is all about. 

On the other hand, receiving videos ignites a spark inside the receivers' minds because it's something new to them. They'll be more curious about the message and willing to check it out in an instant. 

2. Insert video images

Instead of embedding your video marketing in your email body, it's best to include a thumbnail image of the video itself. 

While you can actually embed videos in your email, this approach isn't efficient. Your audience may not receive the video as this method doesn't work for all devices. If you insist on embedding videos because it looks attractive on your end, you can't expect maximum results as not all of your audience will receive the same message.

Instead, you can insert a video thumbnail or screenshot with a fake button. That looks legit as you show the snippet of your video in one image. This method can increase your audience's curiosity and lead them to click on the provided link to your marketing video

3. Incorporate the right type of videos

Make sure to correlate your subject line with the video marketing you send. Your audience doesn't need to read the wordy messages when they can click on the video that says the same thing. The video will complement your email messages effectively, spicing up the information. 

When you provide the right video content, people will come back for the second time. They find your videos helpful and relevant to what your message is about. The next time you send another email, your audience won't hesitate to open your message.

4. Set up video landing pages

Including video content in your marketing doesn't guarantee you an increase in conversion. You may think once you've made an interesting video, linking it to your email campaign is the end. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

You still need to build a page dedicated to those who click through the link to watch your video. This page is called a landing page, where people can get complete information about your brand on one single page. A landing page is crucial for every business to generate leads. When you have content that people can click on, having a landing page will help you obtain new leads effortlessly.

A landing page is different from your homepage. It's a standalone site that provides a sales copy to your audience, making a purchasing experience easier. When you have a video marketing ready to be included in your email, make sure to direct the link to your landing page instead. 

5. Add GIFs

Static messages are often dull to read. Even when you've got a video to link to, you can only insert thumbnail images on your email. However, there's one approach you can use to attract readers into paying attention to your message: a GIF.

Including a GIF is nothing new for digital marketers. They often use GIF content on social media and other networks to attract viewers. GIFs offer a unique experience as people can see a moving image in seconds. GIFs allow viewers to enjoy the content from a different perspective and the short sequence is rather entertaining that quickly hooks them to read the whole message. 


Having video content in your email marketing campaigns can attract receivers who are bored from getting constant static messages. Many businesses use email marketing to promote their products, often leaving the receivers annoyed and wanting more informational and engaging content. This often results in a rising spam flag that hinders your marketing efforts.

One of the great methods of getting your audience's attention is including video content in your email marketing. Videos are naturally entertaining; they can deliver messages concisely without making the viewers bored in the process. Incorporating video content in your email marketing efforts will help you increase engagement and eventually boost conversions.    

If you're interested in creating video content for your marketing emails, take a look at Media Training's amazing video courses. From camera skills to editing and motion graphics, they have everything you need to help you create engaging videos your audience will love.

by Nat McNeely | 27 Sep 23

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