Best Recommended tools for SEO Copywriters

Best Recommended tools for SEO Copywriters

Writing SEO-friendly content entails much more than just identifying the right keywords. You must also produce material that your target audience will genuinely love and that they are actively looking for online. Although you may scan the web for the newest SEO content strategies, nothing beats having the necessary tools at your disposal to get the job done.

The most effective SEO content tools are well-known. Here is a list of the finest free and paid content optimisation tools that pros use every day to generate compelling, traffic-generating material that is easy to share on social media. If you make use of the following resources, you'll be well on your way to developing content that ranks well in Google search results.

Top 10 Best SEO Copywriting tools

Keyword Finder

Because keywords account for more than 15% of Google's algorithm, this is one element on which you should concentrate your efforts. This tool analyses your keywords and then determines their relative importance, allowing you to ensure that you are incorporating the key terms that your clients are looking for.

Google despises duplicated or plagiarised material. You lose reputation, your search engine rankings deteriorate, and no one takes you seriously anymore. Furthermore, if the original publisher sues you for copyright, you run the possibility of having to spend a lot of money on a case. Prepostseo is the most effective plagiarism checker available on the internet, ensuring that you have not copied material. The free plagiarism checker is pretty reliable since it scans your copy phrase by sentence on a variety of search engines. It allows you to discover accidental plagiarism in your work with pinpoint accuracy.

Paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing tools are designed to rephrase your material in order to make it more original, engaging, and attractive to your target audience. When you have to write about the same subject over and over again, it's not unusual to see instances of self-plagiarism in your work.

You can avoid this problem and keep your copy fresh by using a paraphrasing tool. is a useful example of this. It's user-friendly and as a result, is widely used by copywriters.

Slick Write

One of the main disciplines of a copywriter is that your work must be of a consistently high standard. Slick Write is designed to help you do this. Use this tool when editing your work to ensure your writing style, structure, and grammar maintain the standards you have set yourself.


Grammarly is an ideal SEO copywriting tool since it assists you in locating and correcting grammatical errors in your work as well as spotting spelling mistakes. This means you can just concentrate on what you want to say. This SEO copywriting tool integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft Word, allowing you to catch and fix language errors as you write. Grammarly goes beyond the standard spell checking and grammatical recommendations and includes features that recognise the feared passive voice as well as suggesting stronger adverbs to use.


BuzzSumo is one of the most popular contents authoring tools for good reason. It's an all-in-one tool that provides useful information for every phase of the content production process. The tool assists you in discovering popular subjects relevant to your sector that may serve as inspiration for blog post ideas that are both informative and entertaining. After that, you can track the performance of your content marketing efforts and even broaden your audience by using influencer marketing techniques. In addition, you can use it to identify and evaluate the most popular articles and blogs to provide inspiration for new blogs and content.

Content Idea Generator

The Content Idea Generator, as the name indicates, is a tool that assists you in coming up with ideas for compelling content subjects for your website or blog. Useful if you are having difficulty coming up with original blog post ideas. Fill out a simple form with the primary subject you want to write about, and the Content Idea Generator will come up with a catchy post title for you. Not every one of them is a winner, but it does spew forth some odd and entertaining ideas that are guaranteed to get the attention of your target demographic.


It is the goal of Clearscope to "bring SEO and content together" in a manner that is simple for the typical content developer. It works by assessing your material and providing recommendations on how to increase the relevance of your content to prospective readers.

Words to Use

When you're seeking a better word or phrase, sometimes a basic thesaurus simply won't do the trick. Words to Use is much more than a traditional thesaurus in that it assists you in coming up with new words as you are writing. Useful to know if you're having trouble finding exactly the right term.


A strong SEO-focused content creation tool, Frase allows you to generate very precise briefs for blogs and landing pages, which will help you rank higher in search results. Frase searches for and references information on websites - including competitor websites - that are presently ranking for the terms you choose. It then produces a mind map of sorts, extracting relevant paragraphs, statistics, keywords, and subjects from the document to give you a head start in producing SEO-friendly content. 

In conclusion

It may seem overwhelming and time-consuming to include tools into your SEO writing process, but these tools are intended to make your life simpler. The tools we have highlighted are there to help you speed up the process, make your content more strategic, and maybe even make it more pleasurable to read. Use them to your advantage!

by John Stephon | 27 Sep 23

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