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Social Media Marketing Adv Training Course Reviews

It can be difficult finding the best Social Media Marketing Adv training course.
Check out our amazing client reviews from recently attending learners.

Learner Reviews For

"Trainer - very engaging, like his style, very inclusive. He was also really informative but kept it interesting. The group was also very engaged which made it a great day. The food was really good and the staff working here were really friendly and helpful."
Commission For Countering Extremism
  • 27th July - Classroom
  • Expert - Deva

"A really tailored training session with a trainer who listened and answered questions really well - superb"
Eastern Fostering Services
  • 5th June - Online
  • Expert - Jacob

"I really liked that a lot of the course was theoretical and interactive and made you think/question your own strategy. Kirsty is great and I've come away with lots of ideas thank you!"
St Mungo's
  • 23rd November - Classroom
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Kirsty explained things really well and allowed us space to explore our ideas - also gave great tips on what we can improve on"
Just Like Us
  • 31st August - Classroom
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Very engaging throughout the whole day. Learnt transferrable skills valuable in any situation."
  • 11th August - Classroom
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Really enjoyed the whole experience. Kirsty was great, very knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. The environment was lovely. The best social media course I've been on."
Ignition Collective
  • 11th August - Classroom
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Helping each person with their individual queries about social media marketing, very informative, clear and fun to do, I have learnt a lot!"
Liz Male Consulting
  • 5th July - Classroom
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Very well organised and professionally run, trainer was knowledgable but approachable and overall it was a very informative day."
Veloce Esports
  • 20th April - Classroom
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Kirsty was very good at tailoring our course with relevant practical exercises and materials provided as well as constructive advice."
Bird & Bird
  • 10th March - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty

"The trainer was friendly and professional with a fantastic knowledge of all the social media platforms we use."
University Of Portsmouth
  • 30th September - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Explaining things to make it accessible! Thank you Kirsty !"
  • 24th August - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Really good at answering questions and providing examples. Very helpful and knowledgable trainer."
Lawrence Stephens
  • 24th August - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty

"The set up was great, I felt prepared and taken care of. The zoom group with only a couple of people works really well."
  • 16th March - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Breaking things down into easily digestible chunks, good feedback and insight into what we are trying to achieve as a company from just a few points"
  • 17th November - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Getting everyone to talk about their own ideas and sharing ideas/improvements. Constructive criticism"
Ayr Gaiety Partnership
  • 17th November - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty

"Breakouts, exercises etc kept us engaged, a challenge all day on zoom, well executed! thanks again"
  • 17th November - Online
  • Expert - Kirsty