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Google Analytics GA4 Intro Training Course Reviews

It can be difficult finding the best Google Analytics GA4 Intro training course.
Check out our amazing client reviews from recently attending learners.

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"Natalia was a fantastic trainer, super knowledgeable and customised the session according to what people needed to learn. I know feel confident in being able to tackle G4A and has given me so many tools and things to think about. By far the best training I've attended in years. Engaging, interesting and well paced. Can't fault it!"
The Living Wage Foundation
  • 9th February - Online
  • Expert - Natalia

"Natalia was lovely, warm and incredibly helpful! There's not much I could ask she had done differently"
  • 9th February - Online
  • Expert - Natalia

"I was new to Google analytics as a whole but Deva was very engaging and explained the content very well."
Raymond James UK
  • 5th December - Online
  • Expert - Deva

"Thought the whole course was brilliant, great at making something quite complex seem very simple"
Best For Britain
  • 20th November - Classroom
  • Expert - Simon

"Really comprehensive session that never felt overwhelming. And solved a lot of the problems I'd been having trying to figure out GA4 alone!"
  • 15th November - Classroom
  • Expert - Simon

"Great to have a small group, plenty of time for questions, personable and knowledgeable trainer"
  • 12th January - Online
  • Expert - Simon

"An excellent and informative session. It ran on time and Kirsty is an approachable and inspirational trainer"
Gray Dawes Travel
  • 7th September - Classroom
  • Expert - Kirsty