How To Improve Conversion Rates For Your Lead Magnet Page

How To Improve Conversion Rates For Your Lead Magnet Page

One of the most popular ways to collect your visitors' email addresses and get a chance to increase your conversion rates is to create a lead magnet and put it on your post-click landing page. This approach is arguably better than trying to find someone's email address as you would for lead generation. 

A lead magnet is used to provide visitors with something valuable in order for them to provide their data and contact information. Besides offering immediate solutions, lead magnets engage your visitors, you can share them quickly, and they show that you care for your customers, therefore building trust.

According to statistics, more than 45% of online marketers who start using particular lead magnets say they got higher conversion rates, so take a look at these tips we've chosen for you and start increasing your conversion rates right now.

What's a good conversion rate? (It's higher than you think).

Many want to know exactly what a good conversion rate is and whether their business meets those particular criteria. Although the average conversion rate for all types of businesses varies from 2 to 5 percent, more and more small, medium, and large businesses want to achieve the highest possible rate because they want to stand out. So, if you want to be in the group of those who stand out the most and who are the most successful, aim for 10%, if not more.

For starters, when it comes to a particular business, a good conversion rate is definitely any rate that is above the current one. So, it is important to never stop improving your conversion rates and looking for new ways to be the best digital marketer you can. Depending on different factors, choose the right lead magnets for your website and create the strategy that is most successful for your business.

Factors that influence the success of your lead magnets

There are many factors that influence the success of your lead magnets, but, as always, it is best to put yourself in the place of your visitors and potential customers to understand what is missing. The most common factors that will cause your lead magnets to highly convert are:

  • They need to be problem-solving
  • They need to be simple, specific, and valuable
  • They should be in line with your business
  • They must fulfil the given 'promise.'
  • They need to be placed and appropriately presented on your website.

There are many more factors depending on the industry, the type of business and target audience, but these are the ones that should always be kept in mind. 

5 ways to improve conversion rates on lead magnet pages

1. Test different offerings

When it comes to your offers and how you present them to your visitors, you need to pay special attention to CTAs and try different versions to see which one works best. CTAs are there to attract your visitors' attention and to guide them, so be careful when choosing the right wording for your target audience. Sometimes it may seem you already have the right CTA, but the results show that your visitors don't think the same. Your CTA needs to be clear, precise and convince your visitor to take a certain action. The best CTAs usually:

  • Get straight to the point
  • Are clear and precise
  • They appeal to the customer's needs
  • They are action-driven

The CTA button is a key element when it comes to conversion rates because people tend to see it first, and it can make them decide whether they want to proceed or not. The CTAs need to bring a certain value to your prospects and be positioned properly on your website.

Change the text, color, size, placement of your button until you find the right one for your brand. CTAs like 'Learn more,' 'Sign up free,' 'Try it free,' 'Get a quote,' 'Register now,' 'Start my free trial,' and more are just some of the buttons that you can use to direct your audience. After you get results, you will be able to evaluate how your visitors react, the actions they take when they see the CTA, are they confused with the message it conveys, and more. 

2. Clarify your offer

In order for your lead magnets to make your visitors take a certain action, you need to make them relevant. That is, you need to create lead magnets that are going to satisfy your target audience's needs. To find out what will make your visitors engage and take an interest in your product or brand, you need to have a clear picture of what motivates them and encourages them to take action. If they have a certain problem, the lead magnet that will seem relevant to them the most would be the one that can help them with their problem instantly. They need to clearly see the value in it.

Good copy needs to inspire visitors to take action and eventually make a purchase and increase sales. It is important to pay attention to the text and make it clear, precise, and straightforward. Be persuasive but not intrusive, and intrigue your visitors with custom photos, strong and clear copy, and an amazing offer, of course. They need to feel like clicking on your CTA button really paid off for them. Additionally, try to test as many variations as possible.

3. Utilize exit-intent pop-ups

In order to place your lead magnets properly and make them clearly visible, it is best to use widely popular pop-ups. Pop-ups are engaging windows that appear to your visitors in crucial moments and offer something valuable to them. At the last minute, when your visitor plans to leave your website, a pop-up can appear and help you collect important information from them.

Your visitors may be in a hurry, so you need to take a chance and try and attract their attention quickly before they decide to leave without taking action. Also, you can use exit-intent pop-ups to find out why they are leaving and what's preventing them from finishing a purchase.

The tool that can help you create amazing and highly converting pop-ups for your website is Poptin. It can help you create pop-ups easily with its drag and drop editor and numerous customization options. You can change colors, fonts, size, add or remove certain elements and fields, and more to make them fit perfectly into your brand design.

These windows can help you increase conversion rates enormously because they are eye-catching, engaging, and they appear at the right time with the right offer. The pop-up windows can surprise your visitors and make them change their minds. The exit-intent trigger is very useful as it prevents visitors from leaving, and at the same time, offers them something valuable, so do not underestimate their efficiency.

4. Remove distractions from the page

Although a CTA is usually highlighted and visible, some unnecessary elements or content on your page can distract the visitor from focusing on it. Your job is to eliminate those elements and thus increase conversions for your website. Your visitors should focus on one goal per page in order for it to be the most effective, but if you want to find the right goal, you need to be realistic, too. To declutter your website page actually means maximizing its potential to convert, pay attention to direct your visitors properly by removing unnecessary items. These items could be:

  • Links 
  • Navigation bars
  • Advertisements
  • Graphics
  • GIFs 
  • Flashing elements

They need to focus on completing one goal in order to be able to notice the main CTA at all. A minimalistic approach is actually the best approach in this case, and you don't have to worry that visuals and one clear CTA won't be enough to attract customers.

5. Perhaps your store just needs something extra?

You can upgrade your store whenever and however you want and the website that can help you increase conversions even more by providing all kinds of benefits and features is offers more than 41 different plugins for your website to help you optimize your speed, reduce app fees, include product reviews, add related products, currency converter and many more. Be sure to constantly work on your online store and work hard because your prospects appreciate it as it brings them benefits and helps increase customer trust.

The Bottom Line

If you want to create the best ecommerce website possible and increase your conversion rate, work on several useful strategies and choose the most converting lead magnets for your pages. They can be simple yet powerful, but in order to find the right version, you need to test them, make them clear and precise, but also add a certain value to them.

If you want to engage your visitors and present your lead magnets effectively, use exit-intent pop-ups. You can use triggers to activate your pop-ups at the right time with the right offers and increase your conversion rates by providing your visitors with exactly what they need. Use these 5 ways to improve conversion rates for your lead magnet pages and watch your sales grow!

by Milica Boksan | 27 Sep 23

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