How to Create Highly Effective Customer Testimonial Videos

How to Create Highly Effective Customer Testimonial Videos

Happy customers are a joy. Happy customers that tell the world how happy they are with your product or services are an even bigger joy. A testimonial is a powerful tool that can help attract enterprise clients and video is regarded as the most effective format for grabbing your audience's attention. Put both together and you have a compelling sales tool.


Most (87%) of marketers like to promote brand awareness through video but it is crucial that the video content is of the right quality. This may be a challenge - not all companies have easy access to a decent script or high-quality video equipment. So here are 5 steps that will help you produce a great customer testimonial video:


#Step 1 - Select a client


Make sure the client who is providing the testimonial has something meaningful to say. The message is the medium. The video should explain clearly and concisely how your services benefited them. A clear, focussed message will reflect well on you.  


#Step 2 - Seek their permission  


Once you have selected a suitable client, you need to get their permission.  Usually, a client will be happy to provide a testimonial. You will need to explain how the testimonial will be used and what you require of them. 


#Step 3 - Have a convincing script  


This is the crucial bit - your script! Your script needs to be convincing, informative, and have an emotional connection. It's very useful to know the kind of words that can create an impact on your customers or potential new customers. Your script should tell a story that has a proper beginning, journey, and end: 


  • Beginning - what was the problem the client had that made them contact you?  
  • Journey - how did your product or service help them resolve these issues?  
  • Ending - what are the positive outcomes? Use real facts and figures if you can.  


You also want to connect with your viewer's emotions. Your script should address the ‘pain points' your customers had and outline clearly how you can help resolve them. It's often useful to analyse the behaviour of your customers before writing your first draft. Customer behaviour analysis can really help you connect with your viewers. 


#Step 4 - Shooting the video  


OK - you're now ready for lights, camera, and action. You can shoot testimonials either by inviting your clients to the studio or asking them to record it themselves and send you a clip. We strongly recommend your client comes to you as you have greater control over the look and feel of the video. Your client's intentions might be good but the end result might not be what you need. So, what ingredients do you need to create a great video that engages with your audience? Here are a few pointers:  


  1. Pay attention to clothing and appearance. If you can provide professional make-up (for both men and women), that will help.  
  2. Think about the lighting - do you want natural light or artificial light?
  3. Test the sound quality. Make sure there are no background sounds. 
  4. Make sure your client knows what's in the script and how long it's all going to take - no surprises! 
  5. Ensure your client is comfortable and relaxed. Ask them to keep the tone conversational if they can.  

#Step 5- Editing your video  


Keep your video short. If it's too long no one will watch it. Keep the edit tight so that the message has an impact. You could hire a professional video editor or use a video maker to create your testimonial videos with minimal effort.




Video testimonials are a fantastic and highly effective way of attracting new clients as well as building trust among your existing customers. A video testimonial needs to be high quality. A low-quality product will damage your brand. We hope these hints and tips have proved valuable. Happy shooting!


by Aayushi Bhargava | 27 Sep 23

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