Camera Skills Training Courses

Camera Skills Training Courses

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Our Camera skills courses cover a variety of camera skills, including getting to grips with using video cameras for projects, editing your footage and filming interviews with talking heads. All of our Camera skills courses are highly practical so you can get to grips with the equipment and work on a project throughout the course, encountering and learning how to overcome very real obstacles that occur.

So whether you are looking for an introductory Camera skills course or want something a little more advanced we have a Video Workshop course to suit you. All of our trainers are experienced in their field and are passionate about delivering Camera skills courses, so you know you're in safe hands.

Choose one of the Camera skills courses below to find out more.

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   Davinci Resolve Colour Correction
   Filming and Editing Interviews
   Professional Object Photography
   Professional Photography
   Professional Portrait Photography
   Professional Video Camera Techniques
   Shooting Video with a DSLR
   Video Production and Delivery

We know training inside out. We can advise you on all the options to make sure you get the best possible course.

Tell us you need to cancel more than 7 days before your course and there's no charge. Great for your peace of mind.

Our trainers bring their years of industry experience into the classroom. You'll leave confident and prepared.

The smallest class size in the industry. More one on one time with the trainer and a less intimidating group size.

Tell us which you use and it'll be booted up and waiting with the latest software when you arrive.

We provide a lovely onsite lunch so you can relax. We can cater for any dietary requirement with no fuss.

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The most recent comments from attendees of our courses are shown below. We reckon they will give you a pretty good indication of how they think we perform.

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  Trainer Materials 9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation 9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score 9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch 9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff 9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score 9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience 9.6 / 10
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"explaining complex things in laymans terms"

"Nice relaxed environment, good structure on the day - not too much sitting down but a good balance of activities. Learnt lots thank you! "


"explanations were thorough"

"Facilities, trainer and lunch are great!"

"Excellent theory and practical with good examples"

"Brilliant at making complicated things seem so simple. So good at sharing knowledge in a way that everyone understands. I am going away today with so much more knowledge to use in my role and cannot wait to get started. This has been my favourite course so far with Media Training. "

"Really great examples and practical demonstrations. Very knowledgeable trainer and the day flew by. It was very interesting and enjoyable and I have gained confidence as a result. Thank you!!!"

"Good examples - well maintained equipment - trainer knew his stuff and was helpful with specific questions and issues. "

"The time at the training centre was relaxed; a great environment for learning and getting creative. The trainer was really knowledgeable and used examples that were easy to understand. Good agenda for the day with plenty of breaks and lots of refreshments. I liked the 'help yourself' style of the lunches too."

"Rob was really knowledgeable, helpful and informative. He took his time to answer any questions form anyone in the class and explained them so everyone fully understood. The course centre has a lovely, homely atmosphere and the facilities are fab - much better than any other training course I have ever been on. I would definitely recommend and love to come back to do another course here :) "

"Meet and greet food and good instruction"

"providing a knowledgeable tutor , who is very patient and explains in depth. "

"Good instruction"

"Answering questions and adapting the training for each skill level, while keeping everyone engaged. "

"A great balance of simple-to-understand theory and practical hands-on experience. Very helpful advice on good value equipment to buy"

"The course was delivered very well, extremely engaging and very informative. The trainer made it fun, whilst communicating even more complex aspects of what we were learning easy to understand. He also was able to tailor the experience to each individual to make the information relevant to them."

"Content was excellent and the trainer (Sarah) was very knowledgeable and helpful - took time to ensure all our requests were covered "

"Extremely friendly and informative. Tutors are very knowledgeable."

"All good"

"The whole course over 2 days was really great! Whilst some of it was re-cap of existing knowledge there were some really great tips / tricks and shortcuts that made attendance really worthwhile! Thanks Rob! :)"

"The trainers knowledge is amazing, they know everything you want to find out and more Knows how to use arrange of cameras, always tried to help us out when we didn't know something about the camera"

"lunch, fitting so much information into two days, good mix of examples and practical based learning"

"relaxed, comfortable environment "

"Great hospitality, relevant materials, interesting course. I feel like I've learnt a lot that I will carry forward into the rest of my career. Thanks Sarah!"

"Small course size made it easy to follow and ask Q's when needed. "

"Great one to one help, and insights into how to improve. "

"Very good training for an overall beginner, very good comprehensive explanation of techniques, equipment, etc. "

"Best part of the class was going through the footage and getting feedback! Also appreciated having lots of breaks - helped keep it fresh and fun. I didn't get tired."

"Swift and focused training which constructively and lucidly goes through the main things you need to know as an entry level videographer. Teacher was really informative and clear to understand. Very supportive with questions. "

"Rob was really knowledgeable and explained everything in a clear, engaging way. I'm leaving here excited to make my first video and confident that I know how to use my DLSR and editing software. Thanks for a great course!"

"Really engaging and thorough when talking through each step making each area really easy to understand"

"Explained everything in simple terms and easy to follow. Also easy to relate to everything to my every day work. Thank you"

"Very efficient and friendly. A pleasure attending the course."

"Really nice centre, comfortable rooms and really useful course, thanks so much"