A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Automation Tools

A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Automation Tools

When starting on a new social media platform, there is always a learning curve. Even Facebook and Instagram were new once and it took time for users to explore all their capabilities. If you miss the boat on downloading applications when everyone else does, it can feel like you're too behind to catch up. For most platforms, you might just quit if you can't figure it out, but when it comes to LinkedIn and getting your career running, that's not an option. 

LinkedIn is a great tool for increasing sales, networking, and making useful connections with others in your field. Once you understand the functionality of the application, it's time to learn the workflow automation tools that are available to optimise your experience. These automation tools will take the marketing of your business to the next level. 

What is an Automation Tool?

LinkedIn automation tools are meant to assist you in publishing your content at the right time to maximise its impact. These tools can be especially helpful for a growing brand trying to make its digital footprint. Automation tools can help you with repetitive tasks that have to be performed every week as well as avoiding any prime posting opportunity. There are a variety of automation tools available on the market such as SocialPilot, Linked Helper, Expandi, Zopto, and many more. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right tool for your business. You may assume that all these tools have the same capabilities, but it's not always the case.


SocialPilot is an easy automation tool made to assist you in building and executing your social media work. This platform allows you to post videos, carousels, gifs, infographics, and more to make your content more engaging. It takes care of all posting and provides insights about the sources of engagement. Through the insights report, you'll be able to compare your follower count, updates, engagement, or clicks. Insights are beneficial when you try to analyse your best content. If there is an error arising while the application tries to post for you, it will automatically report back to you. They also have a dependable support staff that can assist in hands-on training for onboarding your new staff members. For more than three users the cost of SocialPilot is $50 a month.

Linked Helper

Linked Helper is used for automating your posts on your LinkedIn page. It has the ability to endorse all of your contacts directly on LinkedIn. If you endorse someone first, it's more likely you'll get endorsed in return. Your page will receive more visibility without the effort of individually searching every page. It also has the ability to build smart message chains. These message chains use an auto-responder for newly added connections and drip campaigns all with reply detection. You can automatically add your signature to messages for a more personalised effect. 

Another incredible feature is the lists manager made for building lead generation funnels. It allows users to easily manage different campaigns. Compared to other options, Linked Helper may be one of the most affordable as one account license for one month is $15. 


Expandi is another well-known LinkedIn automation tool that helps its users generate actions based on human behaviour. It automatically employs delays in between actions for the best mimicry of how humans may perform an action themselves. There are smart limits that allow users to send up to 100 invites and 100 messages in one day. After some time, it will withdraw pending invites that have not received responses. Through the “auto-warm up feature your daily campaign limits will gradually increase every day to appear as human as possible. By making software behave as a human doing the work, LinkedIn won't flag your outreach efforts which make. Expandi a risk-free automation tool. Per account, Expandi costs $99 per month. 


Zopto is another go-to LinkedIn automation tool to automate your outreach and generate sales, leads, and opportunities. It allows you to filter your searches down to your ideal customers and select the desired level of engagement. Zopto claims that by creating a campaign with them, you can expect dozens to hundreds of “hot leads per month, all generated whilst on auto-pilot. Zopto's automation tools are primarily used for sales teams to automate their LinkedIn lead generation efforts, but also startups can use the tool to attract investors or recruiters to find potential candidates. For a personal account that includes one account, the price is $215 per month.

There are many different automation tools on the market to help you increase your LinkedIn engagement or presence. Once you find the right software that can fulfill your teams' needs, you can generate leads and form hundreds of more connections to take your page to the next level.

by Kelsey Osborne | 27 Sep 23

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