20 Great Photography Blogs to Inspire You and Your Photography

20 Great Photography Blogs to Inspire You and Your Photography

Once you realise your dream job is to become a professional photographer, you also realise there is a lot to learn on your way to success. Firstly you need to understand the technical side of photography such as exposure, lighting, white balance, composition, and more which can be overwhelming. With hard work and practice, however, you'll develop the skills to use professional settings and camera techniques while shooting.

What is more difficult to find is an inspiration. There will be times when you want to take a great picture but you can't  - nothing seems to click and you don't know how to make it right. 

This is where photography blogs can come in. Photography blogs can help you get the most out of your passion and improve each day. Some are more generic while others focus on specific types of photography. With so many options available, which is the best for you?  We've compiled a list of the top photography blogs to inspire you and take your creativity to a higher level. Take a look...

1 The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer is a great resource to sharpen your photography skills and learn how to tell a story through imagery. They provide in-depth equipment reviews to help you choose the best kit for your shoot and advice on how to capture your audience's attention. The modern vintage look of their website is cool too. 

2 500px

With millions of members worldwide, this community helps photographers to showcase their work and get wider recognition. Once you're signed up you get immediate exposure and feedback from other professionals. There are also workshops and even opportunities to get hired! 

3 Light Stalking

Light Stalking is a blog designed to help you take your photography from straight-forward shots to professional quality images. With free video tutorials on popular topics such as Adobe Photoshop, National Geographic, and MSNBC, their team of experts creates content that will inspire any budding photographer.

4 PetaPixel

A wide range of fascinating articles for people who like to see the world through a lens. Since 2009 PetaPixel has been offering valuable resources such as product reviews, unique photo ideas, and insightful posts to make your work successful. Photography is always changing and a great way to keep up with the latest trends is to follow trusted websites such as PetaPixel.

5 Fstoppers

Fstoppers is an online community of content creators that offers tips, industry news, and top resources for photographers. With millions of page views per month, they must be doing something right. They also organise photo contests allowing creatives to share their best work and get instant feedback.

6 1854

This digital media company is behind the world's most influential photography title - The British Journal of Photography - where the best talents create game-changing international visual campaigns. They set the bar for photographic journalism and offer opportunities to talented, up-and-coming photographers to showcase their work.

7 Magnum Photos

Magnum is a world-famous co-operative of photographers from around the world that share the same passion for images, film, and writing. You will discover a range of different voices and ideas and members hold discussions covering photography across different cultures and generations and the impact that they make. This site will really reward your time.

8 DIY Photography

This is a photography blog providing tips and ideas based on the founders' extensive experience. It's great for beginners who need a bit of guidance and wants to gain photography skills through reviews, stories, and specialist hand-picked articles. The DIY Photography website is very easy to use to quickly locate useful information. 

9 Joe McNally

Joe McNally's photography blog bridges the world between photojournalism and advertising photography. The website covers topics such as fashion, portraiture, dance, and healthcare and is a great place to look for inspiration and ideas for your own work.

10 Phlearn Magazine

Regardless of the skill level, Phlearn Magazine helps aspiring photographers to upskill their technical knowledge and improve creativity. Every visit gives you access to useful tips and tutorials in Photoshop, Lightroom, and image editing that will make your photos stand out (although you should try our brilliant hands-on courses first!).

11 Photography Life

Photography Life provides articles, news, and reviews for both amateur and professional photographers. Content is led by a passion for photography as well as a love for continuous learning. The Photography Life blog provides specialist tips and techniques on subjects such as how to shoot the most beautiful underwater shots.

12 Digital Photography Review

Digital Photography Review is an authoritative site providing expert product reviews, news, and useful buying guides for anyone starting their digital photography journey. Being less focused on imagery and more on the shooting process, this blog is a great place to develop your technical skills. Once you have got the low-down on photography equipment you can unleash the power of your camera and address the creative side of photography.

13 Aperture

This is an interesting and thoughtful site from Aperture - a non-profit foundation that sets out to connect its audience with inspirational work and edgy ideas. The content focuses on diversity, inclusion, contemporary culture, and society. This blog will inspire you to take inspirational and thought-provoking images 

14 Outdoor Photographer

Owned by Madavor Media, this blog covers tips and techniques on how to get the best shots whether you're out in the sticks or indoors. If you're looking to improve your photography skills, you are invited to challenge your creativity by taking part in OP photo contests. It's a great opportunity to win recognition as well as feature in future publications and win cash prizes.

15 Brendan van Son Travel Photography Blog

Taking breathtaking pictures that showcase the story behind every shot requires education, tips from experts, and plenty of experience. Brendan van Son's articles offer useful techniques on how to apply professional techniques for taking that ‘edgy' photo. 

16 The Darkroom Photo Lab

Targeted for those who are starting out in film photography, this blog is a great addition for those seeking to upgrade their creative and technical skills. If you're a film enthusiast, these articles will help you understand your camera better as well as create engaging visual stories. As an aspiring photographer, you will also benefit from learning about camera skills and techniques from experienced industry professionals.

17 The Wandering Lens

Travel photographer Lisa Michele Burns has been in the photography industry for more than 16 years and has visited some of the most beautiful landscapes that the world has to offer. Her blog will give you insights on how to take the best shot during sunrise, sunset, and other challenging weather conditions. She also covers camera techniques, underwater photography, and how to develop a greater understanding of composition. 

18 UK Wildlife Blog

Visit this website for stunning imagery, entertaining podcasts, discussions, and book recommendations all about wildlife. Neil Phillip, the person behind most of the photos, also offers advice about what kit to use as well as hints and tips for photographers with all levels of skills and experience.

19 PhotoShelter

Professional freelance photographers share news and resources and provide guest posts on how to make your imagery stand out and more ‘shareable'. PhotoShelter is a space for people looking to approach photography differently and does this through a mixture of webinars, podcasts, and reviews. If you're looking to sell your work, their advanced sharing platform offers features for photographers such as client proofing and marketing analytics tools.

20 Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby has got a huge online presence with thousands of followers from all over the globe. He offers insider knowledge of Photoshop and imaging techniques as well has featured some fascinating guest blogs. He also provides great product reviews for anyone keen to get to know their camera inside out. 

So that's it - our 20 favorite photography blogs. We hope you find them as useful as we do and a source of inspiration. 

If you are looking for training from some of the best photographers around, check out our camera skills courses which will help you make your camera sing and dance. We also offer the very best Adobe Authorised Photoshop and Lightroom courses available in the UK.

by Cristina Moraru | 27 Sep 23

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