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Public Speaking Training Course Reviews

It can be difficult finding the best Public Speaking training course.
Check out our amazing client reviews from recently attending learners.

Learner Reviews For

"I loved the fact that the training was completely bespoke to me and really answered to all my needs"
Estée Lauder Companies
  • 13th April - Online
  • Expert - Michael

"I like the fact its in smsll groups. I felt more comfortable"
CBS Interactive
  • 8th October - Classroom
  • Expert - Tina

" Food and good atmopsphere, thankyou tina very approachable trainer"
  • 6th August - Classroom
  • Expert - Tina

"Approachable and friendly, relaxed environment. Didn't feel like school!"
Ed Broking
  • 25th January - Classroom
  • Expert - Tina

"Breaking down all the components and making them manageable. Allowing time and helpful answers for all questions. Considering the presentation process as a full 360 experience. Thank you. I will be sending staff on this course."
Gnu Films
  • 17th December - Classroom
  • Expert - Donna

"Welcoming staff, table numbers made it easy to locate where to go and the tutor was very informative."
Sky Creative Agency
  • 17th December - Classroom
  • Expert - Donna

"Nice atmosphere, Food & drinks were nice"
Carousel London
  • 20th September - Classroom
  • Expert - Debbie

"On the day, everything is made clear in terms of expectations of the day and equipment / food provided is really good."
Opticomm Media
  • 13th June - Classroom
  • Expert - Ray

"A very experienced lecturer, a friendly and calming environment. Smaller classes means that they are more tailored to your individual needs which I like."
Sartorius Uk LIMITED
  • 20th December - Classroom
  • Expert - Ray