Learner Reviews For Alexandra

"Making us feel welcome, comfortable and being open to let us ask the 'stoopid' questions without feeling stupid. Particularly good too at booking process, access and welcome on-site, the lunches have been fabulous, and couldn't recommend you more heartily."
  • 12th December - Classroom
  • Expert - Alexandra

"Alex was incredibly knowledgable and patient, we covered a lot in the two days but i always felt like i could ask to go back to repeat things I was uncertain on. All the staff here are so lovely and make you feel so welcome. Will definitely be returning to the next training stage once i've put my new-found skills to work!"
Merton Council
  • 28th November - Classroom
  • Expert - Alexandra

"Immersive & interactive sessions. really enjoyable!"
  • 17th November - Classroom
  • Expert - Alexandra

"Was a lovely atmosphere, the training sessions were in-depth and inclusive. The food was lovely too."
QA Organised For Org

"Super friendly and knowledgeable trainer. I really feel prepared and like i've got a full range of experience. Everyone has been professional and friendly and the food was really good too!"
Barts Charity
  • 26th September - Classroom
  • Expert - Alexandra

"Alex was really great at explaining everything, she was patient, knowledgable, very approachable and friendly. The whole environment and setup was very relaxed (in a good way) and stress-free. The space is very clean and tidy and being provided with everything from computers to notebooks to food made the whole process very easy."
SHIFT Active Media
  • 26th September - Classroom
  • Expert - Alexandra

"Alex was an amazing trainer. She worked at the perfect pace and covered so much useful information for beginners. She taught us really useful info about properties of videos and audio too which will come in handy in the real world."
British Transport Police

"Our trainer was very proficient and made complicated seem easy and it was really lovely that it was a small group so we had time for ad hoc questions, to view each others films etc."
Informa Connect

"Incredible views, amazing lunch - best I've had at an event like this. Trainer very, very patient with all the questions. Very knowledgeable. She was excellent. Friendly and easy to speak to. Very impressed with the whole package."

"Overall, really good course. Great setting, staffing and technology"
Fidelity International