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Video Production Courses | London

Master the art of video production with our hands-on courses in London.
Learn camera, lighting, and composition essentials from a professional videographer.


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Video Production Course          

Discover the techniques used by professional videographers to capture high quality footage. Join our hands-on classes in London and learn the essentials of camera operation and video production.

Our expert tutors will walk you through camera settings, lighting techniques, and composition so you can get the best shot. Whether you’re looking to shoot an interview or film a documentary our tutors will help you get the most out of your DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

With our small class sizes, you'll have the opportunity to apply what you've learned and receive one-on-one guidance during the session.

Need some advice deciding which course is best for you? Call an expert learning adviser on 020 7407 8880. Private and custom courses are also available.

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Video Production and Editing

from £699 + VAT

3 day course
Perfect for anyone looking to add shooting and editing videos to their skillset.

Plan your shoot, film an interview, and edit your footage with Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Planning your shoot
    Lighting and composition techniques
    Capturing audio and avoiding background noise
    Professional video editing techniques
    Exporting for different platforms
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Filming and Editing Interviews

from £429 + VAT

2 day course
Gain the expertise to shoot and edit professional video interviews and 'talking heads'.

Produce beautifully-crafted interviews that will engage your viewers.

  • Set up and camera settings
    Set up audio recording effectively
    Shot composition and lighting
    Interviewing skills for successful outcomes
    Editing your interviews with Premiere Pro
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Filming With A Smartphone          

from £329 + VAT

1 day course
Create professional video content on your smartphone with our experts.

Learn to shoot compelling video that will entertain and engage.

  • Essential kit and shoot planning
    Optimising phone settings and apps
    Mastering shooting techniques
    Achieving high-quality audio
    Effective lighting and interview composition
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Digital Video Camera Techniques

from £329 + VAT

1 day course
Master the technical and creative skills needed to get the best from your video camera.

Test these skills shooting a professional interview with a video expert during the course.

  • Understanding your equipment
    Manual camera settings
    Composition techniques for interviews
    Different approaches to lighting
    Getting great sound quality
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Shooting Video with a DSLR          

from £429 + VAT

2 day course
For those that have mastered photography but are struggling to create videos with a DSLR.

Learn everything from camera settings to editing with professional video experts.

  • Master manual camera settings for video
    Perfect shot composition and framing
    Learn effective lighting techniques
    Capture high-quality audio
    Acquire essential video editing skills
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Video Production Bespoke

Custom Video Production Courses
Looking for Video Production training for your team? Or perhaps a 1-2-1 course with an expert trainer?

We can focus any of our courses exclusively on you or your team's needs. You can choose the location either online, at our London Bridge centre or your choice of venue.
  • Dedicated Course Organiser
    Flexible Group Sizes
    Face to Face Or Live Online
    Expert Video Production tuition
    Bespoke Video Production Content

"Premiere pro training was really helpful!!"
10th July - Shooting Video with a DSLR

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"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Really nice welcoming building as well."
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"Conveying a lot of technical info in a short space of time"
Immediate Media
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