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Google Ads Course | Classroom or Live Online

A Google Ads course at the UK's largest marketing training centre.
The best way to learn, live online or at one of our London classes.


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Google Ads Course          

A Google Ads course at the UK's largest marketing training centre is the ideal way to develop your ad creation skills.

Google Ads courses equip you with the skills and confidence to sell your product effectively on the Google Ads platform. You can learn live online or at our amazing centre beside the Thames.

Practical, real-world exercises feature heavily in our Google Ads courses. Whether you are new to Google Ads and need a course that gives a foundation, or need to work on specific areas of your skillset to become a more rounded advertiser, we can help.

Need some advice deciding which course is best for you? Call an expert learning adviser on 020 7407 8880. Private and custom courses are also available.

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Google Ads Intro          

from £249 + VAT

1 day course
Gain the skills and knowledge to build successful and profitable Google Ads.

Avoid wasting money being self-taught by learning tips and tricks from Marketing experts.

  • How to use the interface
    How Ads work on Google
    Planning a simple campaign
    Keyword research and selection
    Creating an Ad

"Course was very engaging and enjoyed the classroom experience"
5th August - Google Ads : Introduction

Latest Reviews

" Dynamic teachers, hands on, great centre and fab food and drinks! Will be coming back"
Paper Round
  • 21st October

"The course was very well structured and comprehensive. It was very helpful in taking me through the fundamentals of InDesign and specific examples."
Travers Smith
  • 21st October

"I couldn't have asked for more, honestly."
Battle Abbey School
  • 4th March