The 5 Most Sought After Programming Languages

The 5 Most Sought After Programming Languages

The software development industry is growing fast. Many companies are hunting for skilled professionals who can build websites, apps, and other digital products. There are however a number of programming languages to choose from so where is the demand and which is the best one to learn? 

It is worth noting that while HTML and CSS are the essential building blocks of web design, we are not including them in this list as they are not technically coding languages. Here are the top 5 programming languages you should be considering:


JavaScript makes web pages interactive and websites more interesting to use. Most sites are built using HTML and CSS but the end result can be a bit flat and unresponsive. Using tools such as CSS animations will enhance the look and feel of your site. JavaScript however will breathe life into websites and make them interactive. JavaScript will allow you to create custom solutions for your customers such as interactive contact forms and bespoke animations. The good news is that JavaScript is easy to learn - you can become a software developer by enrolling in a few courses. The main benefit of JavaScript is that it is scalable so that this language won't become outdated any time soon. 


Python has become very popular very quickly. These days, many popular apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Google Search are built using Python. It is a well-optimized and easy-to-use programming language that provides the opportunity to develop new products fast. Python gives you the ability to build applications using pre-built pieces of code. They are already tested, so developers don't need to waste time creating and testing low-level code. It is widely used for backend and app development. Often companies go for PHP, but developers choose PHP or Python depending on what they find more effective.

Since it's in high demand it's easy to get hired. As a result, many students and people in full-time education who want to begin a career in software development focus on learning this language. Many delegates their essay writing and academic tasks to professional writing services like Speedy Paper, which means that they can learn coding skills without compromising on their academic studies.


Java is used for developing comprehensive client-server applications. It's fast, secure, and reliable and there are lots of websites and apps that simply will not work unless Java is installed. It's often used in projects involving big data or financial services so, as a result, big companies hunt for talented coders who know how to create Java applications. The other good news is that It's widely used in developing Android apps. Since there are plenty of Android phones out there, Java developers should never experience a lack of work.


C Sharp is a demanding coding language that was released more than 19 years ago. Primarily it's used for building desktop applications. It's an object-oriented language so it will require you to take a deep dive to understand how it works. Today, however, it's an undeniable fact that desktop apps are not as popular as mobile ones.

There is another reason why it is one of the most sought-after languages. C# is used in VR and game development. Both of these industries are growing significantly so companies are in search of skilled C# developers. If you are interested in a career in game development, you might want to consider learning C#. For instance, Unity, one of the most popular video game engines, is looking for developers familiar with C#.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is an important language that helps developers create and manage databases. Information about users, what they do, and how they behave is stored in MySQL databases. SQL specialists who can build software for managing users' data are therefore in high demand.

The language isn't perfect but has no serious competitors just yet. Its creators' primary focus was not a security because they didn't expect it to become so popular. As a result, it can be vulnerable to security risks so SQL developers have to be very attentive to detail to keep data secure. Having said that, for data analyst roles, SQL skills are in very high demand. 

Final Words

We hope you found this brief summary of each of the main programming languages useful. Learning any of these will open doors to an exciting new world. We hope that this glimpse into these worlds will help you make the right decision.  Happy programming!

by Katerina Urbanskaya | 27 Sep 23

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