Pros and Cons of Using Premiere Pro: 2022 Review

Pros and Cons of Using Premiere Pro: 2022 Review

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is the video editing software that offers powerful editing capabilities, many effects, audio editing tools and a customizable editing interface. 

Used by professional video editors, this Adobe desktop app can transform your raw footage into stunning video products for TV, film, social media and more. You can adjust colours, fine-tune the audio or transfer your work from one software to another. When it comes to creating dynamic videos, the possibilities are endless.

Is Adobe Premiere Pro free to use?

You can download Premiere Pro and try it for seven days free of charge. It gives full access to its powerful features and the latest updates. You can find out whether you like the software or not and whether it is suitable for your business.

Based on current pricing options, the cheapest way to purchase Premiere Pro is as a standalone app and you'll be required to pay £19.97 per month on a yearly basis.  The other option is to get access to the entire collection of software from Creative Cloud All Apps. That will cost you £49.94 per month.

Is Adobe Premiere Pro a good editing software?

This video editing platform offers rich features and smooth tools for editing footage. Here are a few examples:

  • Software integration. Adobe users have the advantage of sharing their work with other team members which creates an easy workflow with no interruptions. Microsoft Teams integration allows the participants to manage any video edits and contribute equally to the project.
  •  Great interface. Premiere Pro offers a responsive interface that adds more productivity and efficiency to your work. It goes through regular updates to ensure that the interface provides the best experience.
  • Synchronised editing. When working with multiple projects you can open them all at the same time and switch between the clips. Premiere Pro helps to save time during editing and work hassle-free.
  • Virtual Reality support. Video editors require tools that allow them to immerse themselves in their work from different angles. Premiere Pro offers the VR editing option to help users unleash their creativity.
  • Multiple file formats. With the last software updates, video editors can add videos directly to the app leaving the conversion process behind. Currently, it supports the following formats: Flash Video, HD and HDV.
  • Video effects. Premiere Pro allows you to add a wide range of special effects that will make your work stand out. You can do automatic colour correction, level effects, auto contrast as well as change the brightness, remove colours or add lighting/shadow effects. You can also add text and graphics, giving videos an animated feel.
  • Colour correction effects. One of the most useful functions is changing the colour effects to enhance the video sequence. For example, you can adjust and correct the brightness, contrast or colour balance using hue and saturation.
  • Audio editing. The Audio Mixer function allows you to make adjustments during the project replay and create new tracks when you delete an audio clip. If you have access to Adobe Audition you can even switch between the programs and get access to automatic click removal, adaptive noise reduction, parametric equalizer and compression.
  • Blur and sharpness effects. When editing the footage, a videographer can add a blur effect. This Premiere Pro feature can be four types: composite blur effect, directional blur effect, quick blur effect and unsharp mask effect.

What are the Cons of using Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is an excellent video editor but no software is perfect. It comes with a few disadvantages that can question its usability. Here are a few examples:

  • Subscription-based model. Adobe Creative Suite is based on subscription and requires either monthly or yearly payment. If you're not using Premiere Pro consistently you'll find it less of a value for money. There are cheaper or free alternative software but with less powerful features.
  • Complexity. For a professional video editor, this Adobe Software is easy to manage and navigate. On the other side, complete novices may see Premiere Pro as a bit more complex and can get lost within the interface.
  • Strong computer specs. To function seamlessly Premiere Pro requires a strong computer system. The GPU with high processing power will ensure that the software won't crash when you're rendering.
  • High RAM usage. While working with complex and lengthy footage, you can run out of memory in Premiere Pro very fast. You have to ensure that your computer can handle at least 8GB of materials.

 Is Premiere Pro worth the money?

Premiere Pro is the industry-standard video editing tool used by professionals all over the world. It offers high-end features, plugins and presets, which makes it a great choice for those who want to take their video editing skills to a professional level. 

For a beginner, it might seem time-consuming to master the software but if you need help or guidance in starting off, we'd recommend our Premiere Intro course. It will give you the skills to bring your video ideas to life and create stunning content.

by Cristina Moraru | 27 Sep 23

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