How to use Keynote on Windows

How to use Keynote on Windows

Keynote is presentation design software for the Mac operating system and is used by students, professionals, and anyone who wants to produce great slideshows. It's basically Apple's version of Powerpoint and it's compatible with all Macs, as well as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. When people start using Keynote, they usually fall in love with it. 

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Have you ever wished you could use Keynote on Windows as well as Mac? I have always wanted to use Keynote on my Lenovo Ideapad but Keynote is purely an Apple product, right? I have found a great way to get Keynote to work on my Windows laptop. For me, it's really worth doing as - in my opinion - the projects created using Keynote are of better quality. Keynote is extremely user-friendly so even if you are a newbie, you can produce stunning presentations straight off the bat. So here's how to do it:

What is Keynote?

Since 2008 Apple Keynote has been included as part of the standard software package with every Mac. You can also download it for free from the App Store. Keynote is a powerful, flexible tool and you can use it for anything from a school report to a sophisticated business proposal. There's plenty of help when you want to get started. Your presentations can include text, video, images, and animations so can be as engaging as you like. You can also export your Keynote presentation to Powerpoint if you wish. Here are six key features of Keynote:

6 Key features of Keynote

Beautiful Themes and Templates

Keynote comes with lots of beautifully designed templates to immediately give your presentation a professional look and feel. If you don't want to use a pre-designed template, you can create your own designs from scratch. Keynote can help with ready-to-use colour combinations, great font pairings, placeholder pictures for you to use, and other features to help with the design process.

User-Friendly Interface

As you would expect from an Apple product, Keynote's interface is intuitive and easy to use. It comes with a range of beautiful, effective designs for you to use or adapt to your requirements. Simple designs tend to work best for slideshows and presentations - these web design tips will ensure you make a great start. 

Device synchronisation

Keynote is free - you can't ask for more than that! You can also use it across a range of devices - Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. You won't always be in front of a desktop computer or a laptop when inspiration strikes so it's great to have seamless access to design on the go...

Add live video feeds to your presentations

You can now incorporate live video from your Mac's built-in camera as well as from your iPad or iPhone. This means you can - if you wish - appear on-screen next to your slides if you are doing remote presentations. Great for if you need to deliver presentations or lectures or talks to remote audiences across the world.

Collaborative presentations

You may find that you need to deliver a presentation as part of a team. Keynote can help with this. Each presenter can now take turns managing a single deck of slides from any location using iCloud on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. If you are presenting as part of a team, this is a game-changer. 

Split View

Keynote has introduced a powerful feature called Split View. You kind of need to see this in action to appreciate how useful it can be. Basically, you can run several applications side by side so, for example, you can run your camera in one window while your presentation runs in another. Your audience can then see you in real-time as well as follow your presentation. Alternatively, you could cross-reference between Keynote, Numbers, and Pages simultaneously using this feature. 

How to use Keynote on Windows

So now that we know some of the things that Keynote can do, how do we use it if we are Windows users? In order to seamlessly run Keynote on Windows, you need two things:

  1. A modern web browser such as Google Chrome
  2. A decent internet connection

Follow these steps to use Keynote on Windows: 

1. Create an account on iCloud

(a.) To create an account, visit the iCloud website 

(b.) Input your Apple ID/username in the space provided in the box. If you have no Apple    

      ID/username, click on the “Create one now link to create a new ID.

(c.) Input a password

2. Login into iCloud 

    Input your login details into the box provided

3. Use Keynote on Windows via Browser

    You will be able to use Keynote on Windows by signing in with your Apple ID on This is a browser-based version of Keynote that is comparable to PowerPoint Online offered by Microsoft. In addition to Keynote, iCloud provides web-based versions of their other iWork applications such as Pages and Numbers.

4. Create a new presentation on Keynote

    Upon login, four-option icons pop up. These four options include Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Settings.

(a.) When you click the Pages option you will be able to create documents using a

                  variety of templates such as CVs, reports, and business cards.

(b.) Clicking on Numbers enables you to create and manage spreadsheets.

(c.) Settings allows you to control and review your iCloud account's current settings.

To create a new presentation, click on the Keynote icon. You will be presented with tooltips that provide helpful instructions on how to use the Keynote web application. Generate a new Keynote presentation by selecting the Create Presentation option. iCloud allows you to start producing your Keynote presentation right from your browser. To begin your presentation, you will be given the choice of selecting from a variety of different templates. Both Widescreen and Standard KEY templates are included.

5. Upload and edit Keynote files

Uploading a file is as simple as dragging it into the browser. You can edit and modify the file from within your browser.

6. Save and download Keynote presentation files

Keynote presentations may be printed, downloaded as offline documents, and shared online. 

7. Present Keynote slides in Windows

Switch to Slide Show mode to play your presentation directly via your browser. This means that you can create, edit and view your presentation in Windows but also run your presentation via a Windows browser. Easy. 


Is Keynote compatible with Windows?

Yes, it is perfectly possible and very straightforward to create, edit and run Keynote presentations in Windows. 

Is Keynote better than PowerPoint?

Both Keynote and Powerpoint essentially perform the same function. If you are from a design background, you will probably appreciate Keynote's excellent graphic design features. Whether you prefer Powerpoint or Keynote will come down to your personal preferences.


Keynote allows you to create beautifully designed slides and animations with lovely cinematic transitions and impressive effects. It's a great tool for creating professional presentations. If you are a Windows user, you now have access to Keynote. It's always good to have a choice!

by Paul Aroloye | 27 Sep 23

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