8 Steps for Taking Professional Photos with a Smartphone

8 Steps for Taking Professional Photos with a Smartphone

It's important to be marketable in such a competitive job market, which means you have to constantly develop your skills. Mastering the art of photography is one way to stay ahead of the curve, meaning you will always be able to produce amazing content.

Can I take professional photos with a phone?

It's not the camera but the person behind it who takes a good photograph and with smartphones being a constant carry why not making the most out of all camera capabilities. Take a look at the 8 steps for taking professional photos with a smartphone:

How do I shoot high-resolution photos?

Although it may be tempting to use the zoom tool, it's better to get closer to your subject as it grants you more control over the lighting. Zooming also lowers the quality of your image. Camera phones have small sensors that provide a relatively wide depth of field, which allows you to get objects in their entirety into focus.

When you zoom, your camera extrapolates what's already there and guesses what the image looks like. Cropping is different, it samples pixel information that your camera phone actually recorded, resulting in a photo with good quality resolution.

What app makes your pictures look professional?

Make the most of your camera and download an app that enhances the features and photo quality. There are an overwhelming amount of apps, but here are our personal favourites:

Camera FV-5 for Android

With manual controls that rival DSLRs, this app allows you to capture the best raw photographs.

Slow Shutter Cam for iPhone

A favourite amongst tech bloggers, this app is one of the best slow shutter camera apps for Apple users.

Best of Both with VSCO Cam

An easy-to-use image editor with a great filter offering, including a number of film simulations to help you create a classic-looking image.

How can I make my camera quality better?

Diffuse your flash

Flash and amateur photography don't mix. If you can't bear the thought of never using your phone's flash again then you can try this nifty trick. Spread the light from your flash over a bigger area by placing a small piece of transparent tape over your flash.

Put an end to smudged photos

A dirty camera lens can cause hazy, washed-out photos. Ensure you clean your lens before taking photos and keep your pockets (or wherever you carry your phone) as clean as you can.

How do I shoot high-quality photos?

A fail-safe option for photography is turning on your guidelines/grids. You'll instantly see improvements in your photos. So now you have your grid on, you can play around with different elements - sparingly! Choose the element(s) that best compliment your subject. 

Rule of Thirds

Your camera phone is not a sniper. The little square that pops up on your screen isn't an aiming device. For a more professional and less boring look, move your subject away from the centre.

Try using the 'Rule of Thirds' to take the perfect picture. Use your grid to divide your screen into thirds and make sure there is something visually appealing on each intersecting point.

You can also crop pictures with the Rule of Thirds in mind. Just make sure you have your grid turned on.


Symmetry creates a sense of harmony using balance and proportion. To create a symmetrical image, make sure your camera sensor is parallel to your subject. For an effective image, make sure you have a strong composition and an eye-catching point of interest!


Another element that can create an image with impact is patterns. A foolproof method of success with patterns is adhering to one of two techniques: emphasize or break the pattern. 

Do I need a DSLR to take professional photos?

Realistically, you won't have a DSLR camera to hand at every time a photographic opportunity arises, but with these tips, you can make the most out of your smartphone camera and take professional-looking photos in no time.

Have a play around and witness the effect it has on your photographs. Show it to friends/family and see if they can tell your photographs have been taken on your smartphone.

If you want to learn more professional techniques from photography experts, our Filming with a Smartphone course can be a great addition to your portfolio. Gain the skills that will engage your audience on any platform.

by Cristina Moraru | 27 Sep 23

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