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Powerpoint Presentation Design Training Course Reviews

It can be difficult finding the best Powerpoint Presentation Design training course.
Check out our amazing client reviews from recently attending learners.

Learner Reviews For

"Friendly and approachable trainer which is great for feeling at ease. Classroom sizes were great."
New West End Company
  • 24th March - Classroom
  • Expert - Ian

"Learned a lot and love that we can access materials after the session has ended. The training was tailored to our questions as well which was great!"
Saira Price Training & Consultancy
  • 6th September - Online
  • Expert - Ian

"It was a really great experience and I look forward to working with you."
Media Training
  • 15th August - Classroom
  • Expert - Ian

"The course was everything I expected it to be, the venue is great and the trainer and the team were fantastic. Many thanks!"
  • 17th June - Classroom
  • Expert - Ian

"I really enjoyed the practical nature of the course and found the tips and tricks that we were taught throughout especially helpful. I also appreciate the links to resources that we can access after completion of the course."
NHS England And NHS Improvement
  • 21st March - Online
  • Expert - Ian

"Awesome course, trainer, good times for breaks and lunch, decent lunch. Thanks!"
  • 25th February - Classroom
  • Expert - Ian

"Explaining, demonstrating clearly, keeping attention focused."
Nord Anglia Education
  • 22nd October - Classroom
  • Expert - Ian

"Ian is very knowledgeable and has a lovely presentation manner. He kept me engaged."
Lisa Griffin
  • 30th July - Online
  • Expert - Ian

"The trainer was really engaging and clearly very knowledgeable. Good scope of content."
  • 2nd July - Online
  • Expert - Ian

"Great - comprehensive, friendly and v helpful"
Ben Gordon
  • 7th May - Online
  • Expert - Ian

"Clear instructions and knowledgable answers when asked a question"
Velindre Trust NHS
  • 15th January - Online
  • Expert - Ian

"Good examples, explanation and reviewing session."
  • 15th January - Online
  • Expert - Ian

"Got the impression that Rich really knows his stuff when it comes to design. He got his ideas across clearly on how to make impactful and clear presentations."
  • 20th November - Online
  • Expert - Rich

"It was very professional, insightful and offered a deep dive into what makes for. visually compelling presentation."
  • 13th October - Online
  • Expert - Rich

"Phone support when trying to find the location, general training centre vibe is nice, modern and relaxed, training was brilliant and I have plenty of tips to take away, the support offered afterwards, the general flow of the session and layout of the day. Thank you!"
  • 17th September - Classroom
  • Expert - Rich

"Everything! Really enjoyed today. Thank you"
Bowmore Asset Management
  • 23rd July - Classroom
  • Expert - Rich

"Friendly and knowledgeable in all areas of the course"
  • 23rd July - Classroom
  • Expert - Rich

"Rich was great and so passionate about his work. I definitely learned a lot. Thank you so much"
Not Applicable
  • 26th June - Online
  • Expert - Rich