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Sub Editing Courses | Classroom or Live Online

Learn the techniques to make you detail orientated and fanatical about punctuation.
Practice the processes with writing experts like a sub-editing pro.


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Sub-Editing Course          

The best sub-editors are fanatical about punctuation and have a keen eye for detail. If you need to brush up on these skills or learn some new sub-editing techniques then we have a sub-editing course for you. Whether you are new to sub-editing and looking for one of our sub-editing introduction courses or you have some experience and are looking for sub-editing courses to build on what you already know we have a sub-editing course for you.

All of our sub-editing trainers are experts in their field and passionate about providing you with quality sub-editing training courses.

Choose one of our sub-editing courses below and find out more.

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Sub-Editing Intro          

from £379 + VAT

2 day course
Develop the skills you need to become an outstanding sub-editor.

This course will give you an eye for detail and the ability to work quickly under pressure.

  • Re-writing problem copy
    Reader engagement
    Light touch edits
    Headlines and titles
    Captions and callouts

"Really informative and useful course content. I feel like I will be able to apply a lot of the things we discussed to my own work. It was a pleasure to attend this course with Patsy. She's very engaging and made the course super interesting."
NHS England And NHS Improvement
31st May - Sub-Editing : Introduction

Latest Reviews

"The course was informative, extremely enjoyable and there was lots of 1 to 1 help! Would recommend"
  • 25th August

"Friendly and knowledgeable trainer, accessible information, fun and informative examples and exercises, fantastic advice for working in this field."
  • 26th July

"Excellent practical tips and engaging session."
World Obesity Federation
  • 10th March