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Graphic Design Course | Classroom or Live Online

An expert-led Graphic Design course at the UK's largest creative training centre.
The best way to learn, live online or at one of our London classes.


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Graphic Design Course          

A Graphic Design course at the UK's largest professional writing training centre is the ideal way to develop your design skills.

Graphic Design training courses help you to be proficient as a designer and improve your visual communication abilities. Learn live online or at our amazing centre beside the Thames.

Practical, real-world exercises feature heavily in our Graphic Design courses. Whether you are new to Graphic Design and need a course that gives a foundation for your design work, or need help developing specific areas of your skillset to become a more rounded designer, we can help.

Need some advice deciding which course is best for you? Call an expert learning adviser on 020 7407 8880. Private and custom courses are also available.

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Graphic Design Intro          

from £279 + VAT

1 day course
Learn the core principles and approach your work like a professional designer.

Design content that meets the brief and communicates your message clearly.

  • To think like a designer
    Improve your visual skills
    Typography and colour theory
    To use brand guidelines
    Plan your projects successfully
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Creating Social Media Graphics

from £279 + VAT

1 day course
Learn to create powerful graphics for all social media platforms.

Gain skills in Adobe Photoshop to make your digital assets more engaging.

  • Essentials of Adobe Photoshop
    Templates for social media platforms
    Ensure content is impactful
    Maintain brand consistency
    Using graphics and GIFs

"Step by step detailed training."
Blue Train Marketing
24th June - Creating Social Media Graphics

Latest Reviews

"Having passionate teachers that know their craft and showcasing really cool navigation and info about adobe creations and how the other software like bridges interlink with each other"
Gateway Houaing
  • 7th March

"Really engaging sessions that are a mix of learning content and physically trialing the new skills learnt in programs. Great introduction and pace for a range of levels in graphic design. Great facilities and access to programs, with examples ready to use and loaded on the the desktops. Very organised and a knowledgeable trainer."
Natural England
  • 16th February

"Really friendly and relaxing environment, felt really informal (in a good way!). My trainer Rebecca was super approachable and had lunch with our group, she made lots of effort to make us feel welcome. Will definitely be back and recommend to friends!"
Aga Khan Foundation
  • 11th February