How To Use Usability Testing To Improve Your Marketing Approach [Case Study]

How To Use Usability Testing To Improve Your Marketing Approach [Case Study]

The success of any business is based on the level of positive user experience it delivers. The more your clients are satisfied with your products, the better your customer retention rate and revenue. This is why successful businesses are investing in user testing to discover their real users' experiences, identify users' challenges and improve their prototypes to produce a product that is enjoyable to use. This blog will discuss how four thriving companies used user testing to boost their marketing efforts. Let's get started.


How user testing helps your customers' user experience

User testing is a technique you can use to monitor or observe the experience users have with your products, how they behave while using your product, and understand their real-world experiences so that you can improve their interaction with your product. There are various user testing platforms that you can use to conduct your user testing including Maze. It is a user testing platform that enables you to receive real-time feedback on design prototypes. Design prototypes made with Figma, Sketch, InVision, or Marvel can be tested with Maze to get insights into real users' experiences with the products. Maze allows you to test your prototypes anywhere you are and at any time. It works efficiently on tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.

Companies that used Maze to enhance their marketing approach 

Let's take a look at case scenarios of companies that have used Maze to conduct successful usability testing on their prototypes.

Vanquis Bank

Vanquis Bank is the UK and Ireland-based company committed to providing financial solutions to its clients digitally. Since their clients operate digitally, they are spread across different parts of the world; which is why Vanquis Bank is always looking for new ways to improve its digital experience.

The Challenge  

To create a better experience for their customers, Vanquis Bank conducted usability testing on users to identify common challenges with their products and design ways to solve these challenges. Vanquis Bank's initial approach to usability testing was face-to-face: which involved conducting interviews with real users in their office. Although this gave the team access to understand real users' experiences with their products, it came with extreme limitations. The team was restricted to the number of users they could conduct usability testing based on distance and travel requirements. Because of this restriction, they had limited insights on understanding different users' experiences with their products. The team knew they had to look for a more efficient way to conduct their usability testing.

The Solution

In the quest for efficient rapid testing, the team adopted Maze, which brought an end to their limitations. Maze gave the team access to a wide range of users across different geographic locations. Unlike before, the team could now conduct usability testing with over 1000 users at a time.

The Outcome  

The ability to run usability testing with over 1000 users allowed the team to understand various customer experiences like never before. The team could conduct usability testing across different Figma products and observe real users' experiences. With Maze, they could see their users' navigation journey and gained insights for every individual in real-time. 

The team can now gain rapid, actionable feedback across thousands of users, understand each customer's journey, and make quick and informed decisions to improve their customers' user experience with their product.


iAdvize is a conversational marketing platform dedicated to helping brands deliver a conversational messaging experience to their visitors. iAdvize lets customers get experts to answer any questions they may have while interacting with brands to provide a positive customer experience. Due to the fact that many brands are moving from the traditional approach to messaging to a conversational approach to messaging and interacting with customers, iAdvize has become increasingly popular. To cater to the needs of over 2000 brands successfully, iAdvize continually runs usability testing to meet their clients' needs for a seamless messaging experience.

The Challenge

Although iAdvize conducted usability testing to identify the areas they needed to improve to provide a better experience for their customers, this testing was done after the product was launched. This cost them money and time. The team knew they had to look for an alternative approach to go about running usability testing to improve customer satisfaction and maximize cost. They, therefore, tried different approaches, like using static InVision prototypes and integration between HotJar and static mockups. However, none of these achieved the result they needed. So, they began to look for a more effective alternative way to conduct usability testing for the best outcome.

The Solution 

Adopting Maze for their user testing approach brought positive results for the team. First, Maze's integration with Figma enabled the team to produce a prototype similar to the end product. It also enabled the team to make improvements on the prototype to perfect the final product.


The Outcome

Introducing Maze for user testing at iAdvize enabled the team to try new things to improve their customers' experiences. The team was able to build an in-app notification system that identified the needs of their customers regarding their products and also enabled them to use new, valuable features that enhanced their experiences. Apart from creating new ways to meet their customers' needs, Maze directly impacted the company by giving them the ability to get more tests done in a shorter period of time.


Invivo is a leading agricultural organization dedicated to ensuring the sustainability and quality of food in France and across the world. Invivo constantly seeks new ways to create innovative sustainability and quality solutions for its farmers and consumers. As a leading agricultural platform, Invivo has over 5000 employees in 19 countries and over 201 cooperatives. For effective collaboration across several countries, employees, and cooperatives, Invivo created a digital factory to allow the buying and selling of agricultural products online. However, creating an effective digital experience for a large number of cooperatives is daunting.  With the accompanying challenges of a growing and diverse user base, it became necessary for Invivo to conduct efficient user testing to deliver quality experiences for its consumers.

The Challenge 

Invivo's initial approach to user testing was through face-to-face research sessions. The challenges that came with this involved time constraints; trying to fix a schedule that works for farmers. The pandemic also happened, which didn't encourage physical meetings due to social distancing restrictions. Therefore, the team needed a user testing approach that could allow them to conduct user testing among a wide range of people, without location and time constraints.

The Solution 

Invivo's design team, with the help of Maze's user testing, we're able to conduct user testing remotely, eliminating the challenges of the pandemic's restrictions. Users could conduct their tests wherever they wanted and according to their preferred schedule.

The Outcome

The flexibility Maze user testing offered allowed for improved user testing. The team can conduct user testing among several people in a specific time frame. The system also allows the team to successfully integrate Figma to create mockups, designs, and prototypes.

GE Core Tech and Cybersecurity

GE Core tech and cybersecurity is a global organisation with about 250,000 employees. Its focus is on enhancing digital workplace technologies, enterprise IT, and services. Its design team works primarily on each product to enhance productivity.

The Challenge 

Initially, GE Core tech and cybersecurity were more focused primarily on how functional their product is than user experience. But as time passed, the need for enhanced usability became prominent, and the company hired a design team to improve the usability of their product and also provide a satisfying experience to their users. Hiring a design team came with questions from the rest of the team on how they can meet customers' needs. However, a more apparent challenge for the team was how to include the right people in the process and explain the value of user testing.

The Solution 

Maze user testing helped the design team adopt a rapid and efficient user testing approach. It helped solve the challenge of finding the right people to include in the design process because it enabled a seamless, rapid testing process.

The Outcome 

Adopting Maze's user testing method allowed the employees to monitor statuses and complete software requests while managers supervised and oversaw requests. Maze user testing has also helped the team at GE Core Tech to understand their users better and improve their experiences on their platform.


Using an efficient tool is crucial to conducting successful user testing with your products. In this blog, we discussed how one particular product - Maze - helped transform the marketing game of four major companies' with a large user network and employee database. 

by Jack Bowen | 27 Sep 23

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