How Coding Will Change the Job Market in 2022

How Coding Will Change the Job Market in 2022

With the last year creating unprecedented challenges for businesses spanning all sectors, technology has played a vital role in helping them overcome significant hurdles. Many have accelerated their digital transformation as a result, with the likes of artificial intelligence (AI) replacing humans in manual roles. As knowledge-based jobs start to be replaced by innovation as well, the need to adapt our skill-set is more important than ever. 


If you follow our blog page updates, you will have seen that coding offers a variety of benefits — including opening up freelance opportunities, improving your career prospects, and keeping your credentials current. 


Is There A Demand For Programmers Currently?


As an increasing number of companies switch to remote working, people who possess tech skills, including coders, developers, programmers, and engineers are in high demand. The number of roles in these areas far outweighs the amount of talent — bad news for businesses, but good news for those in demand. 


According to the ONS, in 2020 the average UK salary was £38,600 for a full-time role. When you compare that to the average salary for coding jobs, which is £57,500 (double that amount for the most senior roles) it's easy to see there is potential for a highly-paid career in this industry. 


Is Programming A Good Career For The Future?


Whether programming is a good career for the future entirely depends on what you want out of a job. We have already established that this career is in high demand, as a result, highly paid, but mastering coding programs requires a lot of logical thinking, problem-solving, and attention to detail. If you don't possess those traits, chances are, a career in programming may not be fulfilling. 


If you're considering a career in programming, the first thing you need to know is that it's a very vast field. To explore your field of interest and master the coding basics, consider an intro course to Javascript or HTML and CSS.


What Coding Languages Should I Learn In 2022?


There are many coding languages you can learn — the world's most commonly used being JavaScript. But in the latest survey from programming watchdogs TIOBE, Python is the most popular coding language of the year, with a usage jump of 2.01%. C++ landed second place, with a jump of 1.99%, and C came in third with a rise of 1.66%. The latter — a general-purpose, procedural computer programming language — is the most popular language for January 2021 with a rating of 17.38%.


Make getting a coding certification one of your new year's resolutions and gain professional insights from some of London's best web developers and designers.

by Emma Gibbins | 27 Sep 23

3 Interesting Courses For You

HTML and CSS Intro

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2 day course
Gain basic HTML coding skills to build a modern, attractive website.

Learn to insert images, videos, tables, forms and design like a pro using CSS.

  • Intro to coding
    Using structural elements
    Using CSS
    Tables and forms
    Embedding Images and videos

JavaScript Intro

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2 day course
Learn Javascript to add powerful interactivity to your web projects.

This course is the perfect introduction to developing in JavaScript.

  • JavaScript Client-side and server-side
    Interactive coding environment
    Programming logic and syntax made simple
    Variables Declarations, types, console logs
    DOM manipulation and debugging techniques

XML Intro          

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2 day course
Gain valuable, practical XML skills for web development and data integration.

Learn how to code XML documents for a wide variety of data exchange applications.

  • How XML enables structured data organisation
    Master well-formed and valid documents
    Understand XML namespaces and entities
    Create XML sitemaps for SEO benefits
    Explore XSLT and template rules