5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression at Your Job Interview

5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression at Your Job Interview

You will never have a second chance to make a first impression. Especially, when it comes to job interviews. Candidates usually have little time to put their best foot forward. Interviewers tend to ask tricky questions to detect possible weaknesses. Job interviews can be stressful because their primary goal is to test candidates and understand how they would cope with different scenarios and responsibilities. The course of the conversation is hard to predict. Yet, good preparation will ease the pressure and help you sell your skills in the best possible way.

HR specialists from Jooble, the second biggest job search engine worldwide, share their expertise on this topic. Here are some takeaways on how to impress potential employers.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Amat victoria curam. Victory requires preparation. Our fellow Latins knew the formula of success long before job interviews were actually invented. First of all, prepare your clothes and bag the night before. Don't start to iron your shirt 10 minutes before leaving your flat. Don't draw the eyeliner arrows while waiting for the taxi. Think your outfit through and stick to it. Save your morning energy for more important things. 

How about the interview itself? Potential employers might ask specific questions, focused on your area of expertise. However, if it is a competency-based interview, there are lots of examples of questions you can prepare for online. For example “Tell me about a time that you showed leadership skills? or “What are your weaknesses?. Also, prepare for questions about your goals, dreams, experience, and hobbies. These are asked to determine your personality and whether you'd be a good fit for the company. There is no need to learn answers off by heart, just make sure they sound logically coherent and confident.

Discuss career goals and skills you want to develop

Successful candidates know what they want to achieve and are not afraid of discussing long-term career plans with the employer. You should demonstrate a clear understanding of how you want to achieve certain goals and the skills you'll need to get you there. Recognizing the areas you want to grow and develop demonstrates your commitment to the role and company. Take a look at the current benchmark of in-demand skills big-name employers are looking for. These range from marketing, writing, design, and video to coding, self-improvement, and business. Being honest and ambitious during the job interview distinguishes you from the rest. 

Show your value to potential employers

During interviews, employers aren't looking for compliments about them being the best company and how much you dream to work with them. They want to know why you would be a valuable addition to their team. Being an excellent candidate means that you not only have the experience they require but also the technical and people skills to make you an all-around amazing employee. Demonstrate this by incorporating your achievements into every answer. For example: “This led me to motivate my team, increasing productivity and efficiency by 30%. Or, “In securing this account, I increased the company's revenue by £10,000. 

If necessary, make a presentation to really wow your interviewers. Take a look at these tips to make it stand out and look professional. HR specialists from Jooble also add that candidates who speak about their working experience with enthusiasm and don't criticise previous employers have a higher chance of getting a job offer. Be honest, confident, and passionate about your line of work.

Be memorable!

We are not suggesting anything crazy or outrageous! However, sometimes making yourself memorable among dozens of other candidates could be the key to success. Unusual hobbies, sports achievements, unconventional approaches to professional challenges, cases where you could show your creativity and readiness to bear responsibility - these things are catchy and make your interviewers think about your resume a bit longer. People tend to perceive information using association flows. You may slightly influence this process and even benefit from it. 

Ask smart questions

If you have an idea who is going to interview you, do some research about them beforehand. Whether it's a pr agency or corporate business, there is no need to become a spy, LinkedIn profiles or descriptions on the company's website are more than enough. If you figure out areas of expertise your interviewers have, it helps to understand what they are likely to want to discuss. "We are done with our part. Do you have any questions?" This moment of the interview can sometimes become awkward, but you should always have questions prepared to ask. Prepare one or two questions concerning topics your interviewers are good at. Remember, smart questions always impress. They also show the actual level of awareness and how active candidates are. However, hiring managers warn: such curiosity should not go beyond what is reasonable. They can easily detect if the person is truly interested in the job offer or just pretends. Jooble specialists suggest perceiving interviews as a business conversation of the counterparts equally interested in a successful and beneficial outcome. 

Nowadays, the Internet is overwhelmed with different types of advice from recruiting agencies on how to ace your job interview. If they seem to be confusing or mutually exclusive, try a solid approach and sign up for a course on this topic. It is crucial to learn how to present your skills, knowledge, and aspirations in the right way. If you also share the values of the company, your dream job offer won't be far away. 

by Mariia Bohdanovska | 27 Sep 23

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